The Last Threshold

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The Last Threshold

Review #1

The Last Threshold audiobook free

The Last Threshold is the newest novel in R. A. Salvatore’s Drizzt series. So much has happened in these novels since Salvatore first introduced Drizzt and his companions. In The Ghost King and Gauntlgrym Drizzt lost his companions of many years. Over the last two novels he has built up a new group of friends. At the end of Charon’s Claw Dahlia had her revenge against Herzgo Alegni. She was struck by an even more profound discovery. The misshapen tiefling wizard Effron is the son that she thought she killed by throwing him off a cliff as a baby. Artemis Entreri thought that the destruction of Charon’s Claw would end in his death. It did not. Now these two join Drizzt on a new journey. Neither have any real place to go. Joining them is Ambergris, the dwarven cleric who had embedded herself as a spy in the Shadovar mercenary team Cavus Dun. She has brought with her another refugee from the mercenary band, a young monk named Afafrenfere.

Drizzt decides to give the group a purpose, so he travels to the city of Port Llast which is under attack from evil sea creatures. Will Drizzt be able to reform this ragtag group? Most of these companions have only lived for themselves and have been killers and thieves. To secure the safety of Port Llast Drizzt will have to work with the Ship Lords of Luskan. There are many more wheels turning in this story. Tiago Baenre seeks to kill Drizzt to cement his own fame. Drayo Quick has taken Guenhwyvar prisoner and is now able to spy on Drizzt and his companions through her eyes. Effron wants to track down Dahlia and make her pay for what she did to him. Wound up in all of this is the drow mercenary band Bregan D’aerthe.

The Last Threshold nicely wraps up the Neverwinter Saga with a lot of surprises and some beautiful story telling. The end of the novel was very unexpected. There is a major new event coming to the Forgotten Realms starting this summer. The first novel is a Drizzt novel. I have no idea what Salvatore is planning, but I can’t wait to read it. It is amazing to me that after twenty-three novels Salvatore still manages to keep the Drizzt stories exciting, entertaining, and thoughtful.

Review #2

The Last Threshold audiobook Series Shifters Unbound

I have not been that fond of the Neverwinter saga, but The Last Threshold was better than the others, in spite of the ending.

The upcoming Sundering, from my understanding, is the return of the dead gods, and Ao putting all of the gods in their place and putting an end to their squabbling. I’m a fan of the gods, so I’m both nervous and excited about it. The next book in the Drizzt saga, the Companions, is the first in the Sundering series. They will be by different authors and featuring different characters, so new, and some we have seen from previous books. The Sundering will be taking place in 1486, and TLT ends two years before. The 18 year sleep Drizzt and the others experienced in the enchanted forest was probably Salvatore’s way of “catching up” and getting prepared for the next book.

Review #3

Audiobook The Last Threshold by Cris Dukehart

How many books about Drizzt Do’Urden have there been? 20? 30? I’ve read every single one.
I truly liked the sorting out of his moral dilemma in this middle part of his life. How to reconcile the love you have lost with the life you have left to live? I think Cattie-Brie coming for him at the end will tie up alot of Drizzt’s conflicts. If it IS the end for Drizzt Do’Urden, I am fine with that, blessed be Drow Ranger, go in peace.
I don’t think it is. I screamed and carried on when Mr. Salvatore killed off Cattie-Brie and Regis. Then he killed off Bruenor. After 144 years you would certainly expect Wulfgar to be dead. But if Drizzt and his companions were put to sleep for 18 years in the magical forest that all of his lost beloved inhabited, why was there no communication among any of them? They were lead there and put down for a reason, but what reason??
I think that all of them have been “resurrected” to Godhood, in one way or another and it will interesting to see how they will all react to this new way of being. I hope Cadderly, who is also now a celestial being, is brought back to teach them all how to be Gods. Artemis Entreri a God. How delicious and ironic is that?? Take that, Jarlaxle Baen’re.
I agree with the confusion about Pwent. What was that all about? And did he really greet the sun? The Companions had already left before that happened, so did Pwent really suicide? I hope so, but I bet not.
I also bet that the dwarves will NOT allow the Drow to inhabit Gauntylgrim. I can see a really big fight coming up on that front.
The Drow are so reprehensible that it would take someone like Drizzt elevated to Godhood to save them, if not destroy them all together.

Review #4

Audio The Last Threshold narrated by Cris Dukehart

This story is about redemption. It is a lot slower paces then the first 3 book in the series. Many fewer battles but after the first books that is understandable. Drizzt’s new band of companions joined together against a common enemy. Now that he has been vanquished now what do they do? Drizzt comes up with a plan, but first he and Dahlia must solve the mystery of a creature ripping apart goblins and other local predators. This creature could be something from Drizzt’s past. This story is better told in  Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt – Neverwinter Tales .

Now Drizzt sets his plan in motion of trying to give his band a purpose. He thinks of Port Llast. A rival port from Luskan, which has suffered as just as much or more during the Battle with the Host tower and the Spell plague. The people living here have number under 200 and dwindling rather than the 1000 plus a few decades before. Drizzt want to stand for something again not just live battle to battle. Also to choose his battles to fight. By leading by example he thinks he can install the same beliefs into his comrades. Some are more easily convinced then others, to some it is foreign concept. Drizzt is forced to look at his relationship with Dahlia and recognise that is it for what it is. Dahlia is forced to face her past and issues. This is the good part of the book. Now from part 3 of the book onwards the book changes unfortunately not for the better.

Drizzt and his 5 companions do on a quest to save Guenhwyvar form the powerful wizard Draygo Quick. Sounds good so far, let just say it does not go so well. Enter the real hero Jarlaxle. I said in book one he was acting more like Drizzt then Drizzt himself. Now he fully steps up to the role of hero. We also learn some of his history. Next Drizzt returns to the Icewind Dales. Where he encounters a certain enchanted forest with an “auburn haired witch and Halfling companion”.

Now I appreciate the character development but I do feel disappointed about the 3 confrontation that had been teased during the course of the series that never happened. Not just did they not happen but it was the way in which they were avoided that was most annoying. These did nothing to enhance the character of Drizzt except to make him look at best ordinary at worst useless. There is a literal cliff hanger ending which will be addressed in the next book  The Companions: The Sundering, Book I .

Review #5

Free audio The Last Threshold – in the audio player below

Very much enjoying the Drizzt series of novels, in fact have now purchased the whole series so I can follow the total legend. R A Salvatore is an excellent story teller.

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