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Credence audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Credence audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Credence audiobook free

Contains spoilers
I was really looking forward to this book from all the teasers. I honestly thought it might be a reverse harem situation. In some ways it was but she does end up with just one in the end. I think what bugged me the most is its the same old situation. Virgin girl and man whore guys. She literally hears and sees them constantly having sex and then has no problem letting them have sex with her. When she finally starts having sex with one of the men another one holds her down and spits in her face and writes slut on her forehead. So he can bang anything but she is a slut for sleeping with one of them. And she doesnt end up doing anything about it. Also her uncle seems to like young girls. And he is constantly getting it from a young girl but he still pursues his 17 year old niece. I mean if he was a lonely mountain man who was grieving over his first love I could see it but he is getting it on the regular and doesnt love her like pike in birthday girl. So he just wants her because he wants her which to me kind of cheapened the relationship. I just wasnt into this book but still love pen Douglas and will download any book she writes as soon as it releases. I was just hoping for more. The relationships just didnt play out where it made sense to me and I was tired of reading how much sex the guys were having and there she is a virgin just waiting for them.


Review #2

Credence audiobook streamming online

Contrary to the cover that strongly suggests this is a murder or mystery type of novel, maybe even action-adventure apocalypse, this book contains nothing more than drippy romance. Fans of K. Webster will love this book, which I am not.
Unfortunately, I judged the book by the cover.
No apocalypse here, just an uncle and his sons having a relationship with their young female family member. Shes 17. He’s her legal guardian.
From the moment our main character arrives, her uncle, her fathers brother who is a grown adult with two teenaged sons around her age, treats her like his possession. He swings between erections caused by watching her exist (as if he has never seen a teenaged girl breathe before) and angry and pathetic mood swings where he shouts eye-rolling nonsense like Im the adult and youre the kid to if you do something I dont like, you wont sit down for a week Saying that to any girl who has hit puberty is creepy. As hell. Shouting it to a girl, child, youre plotting sexual acts with is much worse.
A girl you are the legal guardian of, no less.
This book is not for me. If I were in the mood for erotica I could do better for free. This is riddled with an unnecessary storyline, childish writing for fans of YA smut, poor editing, and a group of unlikeable characters who make choices for no reason. Theres no character development and the time span makes no sense.
Now as a palate cleanser, Im going to go read Kendra Elliots new one, The Last Sister. That cover at least matches the genre and the child molesters and other monsters who mistreat women always get the fate they deserve. There are no knuckle-dragging love interests in her stories.
Stay clear of this adolescent mess.


Review #3

Audiobook Credence by Penelope Douglas

6 Stars

I’m a sucker for a damaged, broody man…
I’m team Kaleb all the way, even in all his f!@$ed-up-ness.

You think you see naughty/dark in Corrupt and Birthday Girl but this is a Penelope Douglas you ain’t ever seen before. And I sure as hell hope we see more of this from her. Please Pen keep pushing the boundaries, babe. This right here is your niche.

Forwarned: Credence is taboo and absolutely dirty as f*^$, in the most delicious way. If taboo is not your thing don’t read and if it you are in for one hell of a ride! Pen knocked this book out of the box. She nailed it. Gave me everything I didn’t realize I needed. There were topics I normally wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole and she had me glued to the pages. It kept me riveted, especially on a subject matter that gives me the creeps. I’ve read this twice now and it only just released. This is why Penelope Douglas will always, always be one of my top 5 authors.


Review #4

Audio Credence narrated by Carson Beck Greg Tremblay Michael Pauley Sofia Willingham

I started Penelope Douglas with Bully and its still one of my favorites. The rest of the Fall Away series dwindled, namely after Aflame, IMOobvs.

Corrupt was good, but I could barely get through Hideaway and I didnt finish Kill Switch.

Punk 57 is another favorite of mine, which is a slight spin-off of the Devils Night series.

Misconduct is a good standalone.

A second pass of Birthday Girl made me like it more than I initially did.

All of this is to say that I hated Credence and Im scared I might be done with Penelope Douglas

The opening chapter HAD me. It did. This idea of Tiernans parents being so in love with one another that shes not seen at all by those that are supposed to care for her the most was heart-breaking. I wish the story had played more with that and what it did to her.


“One of them has her.” Her uncle (technically STEP-uncle) she sleeps with him.
“The other one wants her.” Her cousin (technically STEP-cousin)she sleeps with him, too.
“But he He’s going to keep her.” Her other cousin (again, TECHNICALLY Step-Cousin)she is sexually assaulted numerous times by him, but it isnt too long before it unrealistically turns to love.

I wanted to say that this is the case where any man that isnt the lead is a danger, but Tiernan does get raped and assaulted by what turns out to be her main love interest, Kaleb, SOOOOOO yeah.

This was yet another case where every woman was in love with the guys. Im just sick of this, especially by the same author. Its repetitive and sad.

Overall, this had no heart. It was meaningless.


Review #5

Free audio Credence – in the audio player below

I LOVED every single complicated, broken, desperate, moody, flawed, emotional character in this book! Tiernan isnt the typical heroine and I ADORE that. The character development for everyone was amazing. This book had my heart racing! I couldnt put it down. As an aspiring author, I gobbled up every argument and revelation and lesson. Pen, you did a beautiful job!


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