The Shadow of What Was Lost

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The Shadow of What Was Lost is a science fiction fantasy novel. The bookmarks the opening of a grand trilogy to come with the name of The Licinius Trilogy. It is written by James Islington. He is a young Australian writer and the subject trilogy is his best-known work so far. An Echo of Things to Come and The Light of All That Falls are the two best novels written by James Islington so far.

Michael Kramer has narrated this chapter. It was a superb and very balanced performance where accent, tonal quality, and expression were right up to the mark.

The Shadow of What Was Lost audiobook free

It has been more than a couple of decades since the end of the war. The dictatorial Augurs were wiped out completely during the conflict. They were once thought of just like the gods. Their long feared powers are now failing them miserably. Those men and women who have ruled under them avoided the fate of the Augurs. They did that by submitting themselves to the Four Tenets of the rebellions.

A representation of all these major laws is preserved right into the flesh of those who use the Gift. It forced them into complete obedience. Being a student of the Gifted, Davian went through a lot of severe consequences of a war that was fought and lost before he was born.

The book has some exciting twists and turns that lead to a big reveal by the end. However, there were some flaws in the plot that made the experience a bit disconnected. The performance by Michael Kramer was outstanding and one big reason to try out this book.

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