Death’s End

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Death’s End novel was originally written in the Chinese language and was translated into English by Ken Liu. The original writer of this novel is Cixin Liu. The book is a science fiction fantasy. The Three-Body Problem and To Hold Up the Sky are two of the best novels written by the subject author. J.Chlan has narrated Death’s End. It was well narrated and people had a good and easy time listening to this novel.

Death’s End brings The Three-Body Problem Series to an epic conclusion.

Death’s End novel

Fifty years after the Doomsday Battle, the steadiness of the Dark Force Deterrence managed to keep the Trisolaran assailants at bay. The planet Earth was seen enjoying the never experienced before prosperity. It was due to the Trisolaran knowledge infusion.

Human science is making progress on daily basis and Trisolarans on the other end are adapting well with the culture of the Earth. In this scenario, it looks like both the civilizations would soon co-exist peacefully. This could come with no dreadful threat that is related to the equally assured obliteration. But, it must also be noticed here that peace has made its way by making civilization complacent. Cheng Xin who is a 21st-century aerospace engineer finally awakens from his long hibernation in this advanced new world. Soon, she begins her program that dates back to the starting time of the Trisolar crisis.

Death’s End is quite a unique book in the hard science fiction category. It is an extension to the Foundation Trilogy written by Asimov but, it looks like Liu managed to get a notch ahead of Asimov where he explicitly specifies the axiom base and follows on the insinuations callously.

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