All the Pretty Lies

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All the Pretty Lies audiobook

Hi, are you looking for All the Pretty Lies audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

All the Pretty Lies audiobook free

All the Pretty Lies is amazing. If you love fake relationships to more then you will love this one. Childhood friends and neighbors Poppy and Callum have this amazing chemistry. I love Poppy. She is sweet and is amazing even when it comes to her mother never being around. Callum you feel for him and how he struggles with his feelings. He has loved Poppy forever and it takes a little senior trip for him to act on it. You can feel the love there. Even though they haven\’t been close for years it is like time has never passed. Melissa Toppen brings you this amazing YA that will put a smile on your face when it comes to young love. I want to fast forward and imagine Poppy and Callum as their future selves still so in love. This gave me such happy feels while reading. If I could give it more stars I would. I couldn\’t get enough of this one.


Review #2

All the Pretty Lies audiobook streamming online

I enjoyed reading Callum and Poppy\’s story. Melissa did good with all the emotions in this YA story. All the Pretty Lies will pull you in and let you get lost in Callum and Poppy\’s story.


Review #3

Audiobook All the Pretty Lies by Marin Montgomery

I loved this book!! Poppy and Callum are EVERYTHING!! Swoon!! This had the perfect amount of angst, drama, and HOT! A five star read by one of my favorite authors!!


Review #4

Audio All the Pretty Lies narrated by Charles Constant Teri Schnaubelt

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that this was really not your typical high school seniors, childhood friends, enemies to fake romance. Yeah, I thought I knew how this story was going to go and indeed it is how Callum and P aka Poppys story starts out. However, even from the beginning I found there was something about Poppy and Callum that was a little more complicated, thus making their story more heartfelt. I discovered there was more to them as individuals and as a couple, which is what made their story a real page turner. Theyre typical high school seniors, with the typical high school senior drama. Yet, theres an element of sadness to Poppy as she has personal difficulties that shed light into how and why she makes the decisions she makes. Callum appears as the typical high school jock every girl wants and then hates. Hes also Poppys next door neighbor and he knows her secrets, but he has his own!! Again theres something about him that made him intriguing and appealing. Theyre high schoolers so Im aging myself with the amount of eye rolling I did. But thats on me, and kudos to the author for creating such realistic characters that caused such a natural reaction. How they fall for each other and how their story evolves and develops is well worth reading and finding out. Things are never what they appear and thats what made this a poignant story of self discovery, love and friendship!


Review #5

Free audio All the Pretty Lies – in the audio player below

This contemporary romance by Melissa Toppen was in a high school setting but with 18 year old characters in their last few months of senior year. The two main characters Callum and Poppy were friends when they were younger but have been strangers at best during their high school years. They end up concocting a plan to fake date to gain the attention of someone for Poppy and make someone jealous for Callum. And of course, the fake dating leads to real feelings and the two need to figure out how to handle it. So if I\’m honest, I never really connected with the leading characters. I didn\’t dislike them, I just didn\’t love them. I was a bit more fond of Poppy\’s best friends and their total loyalty to her even when she wasn\’t the best of friends in return. I also just didn\’t love the reason for the fake dating for Poppy. It makes total sense because of the high school setting, but I prefer more substantial reasons for the fake relationship. Poppy\’s crush never struck me as worth getting his attention. Someone who only is interested in you when you\’re unavailable seems like someone to avoid to me. But again, this was high school. I think that was part of my issue with warming up to Poppy. I didn\’t get her motivation at all. Because Ethan, her crush didn\’t seem worth it. But things changed as the story progressed and my opinion of her got better. Callum\’s motivation is honestly something I can even see an adult considering doing. And as long as the other party going along with the ruse knows about it, I\’m ok with it. I just didn\’t ever have that moment where I thought he was a great guy. He isn\’t someone I would claim as my next book boyfriend. Overall the story flowed pretty well. It was well written. And I was happy with the way everything worked out.


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