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Atomic Habits” by James Clear is one of the best books one can find in the market on the topic of motivation. Its motivation which we need to get going in life as this thing works like a fuel for our thoughts and body. The author here narrates some simple habits which if followed makes our life well balanced and of course successful too. There is no doubt that success comes through hard work but sometimes even success brings negativity in us because we fail to enjoy our success as we hoped to.

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We give a lot of time to our work after which we are left with an exhausted body and a mind full of fatigue. James Clear before telling us about adopting good habits comes to an even better thing i.e eradication of the bad habits. The author is of the view that we develop incorrect ways to get rid of our bad habits because of which we fail to erase them from our life.

Following the right or correct system is everything after which a person will be able to root out all the evils from his mind. Then the mind will be ready like an empty sack to be stuffed by all the motivation there is in the world. All the daily chores will become easy to follow and the achievement level will be enhanced. The author has given examples of a lot of real-life heroes who have followed his pattern of habits and have achieved success. From the beginning, the error was not in their potential rather they were not using it properly.

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