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Banana Cream Pie Murder audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Banana Cream Pie Murder audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Banana Cream Pie Murder audiobook free

I have read all the Hannah Swenson books and loved all of them except for the last two. This current offering is so bad! It was really boring. Too much discussion about great new recipes that everyone gushes over. Not enough of the wonderful supporting characters that gave colour and depth to the previous books. Michelle spends so much time cooking and sleuthing with Hannah one wonders how she ever gets time to study. I don’t care for the character of Ross and don’t like how Hannah is constantly second guessing his bahaviour and hers. Nora and Mike’s reaction to her marriage isn’t realistic. Both men were in love with her and they don’t seem to mind that she is with another man. The characters do not seem consistent with their original composition. Very disappointed in this latest book. Will read one more but if it is not much better than this one, I will have to say goodbye to Lake Eden.

Review #2

Banana Cream Pie Murder series Hannah Swensen

Banana Cream Pie Murder (A Hannah Swensen Mystery), book 21 in the series has 432 pages. The author Joanne Fluke has written, at the time of this review, more than 40 books with most of them being the “A Hannah Swensen Mystery” series.

Delores Swensen, author of Regency books and mother of Hannah Swensen has just found the body of her friend Tori Bascomb, the Mayor’s sister. Hannah and her husband have been on a cruise for their honeymoon. Hannah gets a message from her sister, Michelle. The message tells her about Tori’s murder and that Delores wants her to come home right away. Delores thinks that Tori knew her killer because a couple of plates and Hannah’s Banana Cream Pie was on the coffee table. Also, after returning home, Hannah doesn’t know where Ross is.

Banana Cream Pie Murder (A Hannah Swensen Mystery) was a fun, quick read, and I love the way the plot was written. The author, Joanne Fluke has a smooth way of unfolding her stories. There is a murder involved but it isn’t revolting, and there is a dessert near the body, in this case, a banana cream pie. Once the reader learns about the murder and how it was committed the author doesn’t dwell on the death, just details and the suspects. It is a wonderfully written whodunit book which includes recipes.

I love how all of Hannah’s family and friends come together to assist with the investigation. They each have their own talents, and of course they have suspects. Hannah’s “murder book” is where she keeps a list of all her suspects. Then she checks for an alibi to mark them off her list.

I like the way the customers come into The Cookie Jar owned by Hannah and Lisa, wanting information about the murder. They are not disappointed because Lisa, co-owner of The Cookie Jar, tells the story about how the body was found with and puts her own spin on it.

The author has included twenty-five recipes including, the banana cream pie, cookies, oven French toast, candy, chicken stroganoff, muffins, cheese pops, breakfast bake, and more. They all sound delicious. When Hannah, Lisa, and the gang talk about something they are making in the book there will be a recipe soon to follow. I have not made any of the recipes in this book, but I have made some of the recipes in the other books and they have all be delicious.

The one thing I didn’t like about this book was Ross, Hannah’s new husband. He didn’t really seem to have a place in the book.

I give Banana Cream Pie Murder (A Hannah Swensen Mystery) a 5 out of 5 stars. The book appears to have been professionally edited, though I did find a couple of errors, but the book is so well written that they were hardly noticeable. The recipes also appear to have been well tested. This book would be great for anybody who likes to cook or read whodunits.

Review #3

Audiobook Banana Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke

This book was so disappointing, it was just ridiculous. The plot, the marriage, the ending – too dumb for words. Complete waste of reading time. I do not remember Hannah being this dumb (stupid really). I have read all the books in the series and always pre-order the books, so I am a fan of Joanne Fluke but this was extremely bad.

Review #4

Audio Banana Cream Pie Murder narrated by Suzanne Toren

Joanne Fluke is an amazing writer of the cozy mystery. I’ve read many of her books and never tire of them. Her character, Hannah, is relatable. It’s always fun to see her go head long into dangerous situations and find her way out, with the help of her close family and friends. The addition of Hannah’s recipes are a bonus that makes this series even more fun.

This was an unusual book for this series. I have read all of them and while this followed the same pattern as the other books with Hannah getting involved in a murder and eventually solving it, this book left Hannah in a real predicament. The ending on this one is really the beginning of the next book in the series and an enticing predicament it is!

Review #5

Free audio Banana Cream Pie Murder – in the audio player below

This series used to be cute and fun, but it’s truly terrible since Hannah jumped into this ridiculous marriage with Ross. Firstly, she wonders if maybe she should have talked to Ross before they got married about things like finances, whether or not they want children, and what sort of expectations they would have for their daily routines. Gee, ya think? Also, this is a woman who prides herself on being an independent woman, but frets about making fancy meals for her husband and making sure he gets his shower before she does. She’s also keeps deciding she has no right to wonder about her new husband’s family that she’s never met, where this mysterious money Ross always has is actually coming from, and whining about how he doesn’t treat her the way she expects even though she never actually told him what she wants. I spent the whole book wanting to punch Hannah in the face for being such an idiot.

Other parts are simply unbelievable. This is supposedly a woman in her early to mid thirties who RUNS A BUSINESS, but she has no idea how to check a cell phone for messages. There is literally half a chapter devoted to her learning how to put a phone on vibrate. Are you kidding? It’s 2017, even in the most rural parts of the US businesses rely on Smartphones and internet orders.

This started as a really cute and fun series, but it’s spiraled down into complete and utter nonsense. It’s clear that Ross is shady, and I’m hoping the end of the book means he’s gone for good.

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