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Beloved is a fictional novel. It is written by Toni Morrison. He was an American college professor, essayist, novelist, and book editor. The Bluest Eye was his debut novel which was published in 1970. The Source of Self-Regard is another fantastic novel by the author.

Toni Morrison narrated this novel herself. It had a few flaws especially since Toni was whispering sometimes during its narration. She also lacked breath to read through some average size passages even. She was avoiding pauses in the middle of sentences and all this made this audiobook a confusing read for the audience.


This book starts into the abyss of slavery. This historical fiction novel transforms history into such a beautiful and powerful story. Its protagonist, Sethe was born as a slave and managed to escape and run to Ohio. But she is still not free even after 18 years.  She has a lot of memories of the Sweet Home along with the gorgeous farm where a lot of things have happened over the years.

The book is filled with suspense and poetry. Beloved is nothing short of towering achievement. Toni Morrison deserves a lot of credit for their success. She has also received the National Books Critics Circle Award. Along with that, she is the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize as well. On top of all that, she got the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993.

This is a very compelling story from a historic period. The lyrical prose is very beautifully woven into this tale which makes it so special and appealing to the audience. The New York Times rate it as the best novel from America in the last 25 years.

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    1 thought on “Beloved”

    1. I loved Toni Morrison and there is something incredibly special to hear in her own words, the books she wrote. BELOVED in particular is so much better hearing Toni Morrison reading it than the literal read. IMHO, the audio book is amazing. The hardest thing to do when listening to Ms. Morrison is staying awake because her voice is incredibly soothing. This is not a soothing read by any means but her voice is (for me anyway) so rich, soft and soothing it is if butterscotch is running through my ears. The story is fantastic and I have listened to this twice now. I know there will be a third and forth etc in my future. I have so many books to listen to now it’s hard to choose what comes next. I do want to hear her read THE BLUEST EYE. THANK YOU GALAXY AUDIO for the wonderful selection and the many hours of pleasure you have given me. Life is dreary and dull without great stories. All books, fiction or non-fiction are a means toward educating oneself. Thank you for everything you share with all of us who love to read and listen. I highly recommend this book especially if you’re looking for beautiful prose and a perfect ghost story. The stories of the brutality and horrific crimes committed to African Americans is truly heartrending and difficult to read. It must be said that Toni Morrison knew how to say it and write about the horrors of racism. She was an amazing woman. I miss her. Thank you again for sharing Toni Morrison’s words with us. There is much we can learn from her stories.


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