Call Me by Your Name

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Call Me by Your Name Audiobook

Call Me by Your Nameis the opening chapter of the Call Me By Your Name novel series. It is an LGBTQ+ fictional romance novel which is written by Andre Aciman.  He is an Italian-American author who is born and brought up in Egypt. He is currently a professional if the City University of New York, he teaches there about the history of literary theory and as well as about the great works by Marcel Proust. Find Me is another brilliant book by the author which is a fictional novel.

Armie Hammer narrated this audiobook. It was an outstanding performance and you will love to witness this great story and characters in such a soulful and poetic voice of Armie Hammer.

Call Me by Your Name

This is the book which for the very first time swept all across the world in the year 2007. It is a tale of a powerful and sudden romance that shines amid a teenage boy and a summer guest who was at the Cliffside mansion of his parents. That mansion was located on the Italian Riviera.

During those intense and restless summer days, it was an obsession, desire, and fascination which intensify their passion just when they look to test the immensely charged ground right beneath them. Total intimacy was one thing where they were going to but this is also something they fear that they might not truly have ever again.

Free Audiobook Call Me by Your Name

This book tells a story that is hard to forget. You might just lose yourself to your nostalgia. This is all due to the brilliant writing of Andre Aciman and then the even stronger narration by Armie Hammer. The book is recommended.

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