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Chocolate Cream Pie Murder audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Chocolate Cream Pie Murder audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Chocolate Cream Pie Murder audiobook free

I’ve read all the books in this series and until the last few, I had been enjoying them. However, the stories just aren’t as interesting as they used to be and the “who done it” isn’t that hard to figure out.

In Chocolate Cream Pie Murder, Hannah has decided to tell the town the truth about Ross at the end of a Sunday church service. That is far from the end of it though as Ross is still causing trouble and stress for her when he shows up in town a few days later.

The exact reason behind the murder in this book wasn’t fully obvious but I strongly suspected part of it and knew who would be killed and who did it LONG before the murder actually occurred. The first 3/4 of the book takes place over 8 days in February as Hannah is still trying to deal with the aftermath of her learning the truth about her “marriage” to Ross a few month earlier. Once the murder finally occurs, it is solved in a day or so over a couple of chapters. Then the (sadly) very predictable final chapter and we are left once again to wonder what will happen in yet another book.

Review #2

Chocolate Cream Pie Murder series Hannah Swensen

I’ve read every Hannah Swensen book and this one was a big disappointment. Nothing happened for 3/4ths of the book and then they rushed a murder and solving it at the end. The plot was ridiculous and it truly seemed like a filler until the next novel comes out. I’m truly tired of the writer drawing things out so that there are more questions than answers at the end. Hannah’s love life is pitiful and I’m over it. It’s a shame because I read the books because I really enjoy the characters. I’ll likely look for the next book at the library instead of pre-ordering like I’ve done with the last three books.

Review #3

Audiobook Chocolate Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke

This was the worst book I have read in a long while. The writing is so elementary, way too many recipes and too repetitive. No mystery build up…felt like it was written by a twelve year old. Amazing how she painstakingly told us how to cook all the recipes and then repeated the recipe and directions at end of each chapter. I was so disappointed and I do not care that she left a truly teenage cliffhanger at the end…I will not read another of her books.

I have all the Joanne Fluke novels and was looking forward to this. I was disappointed in that I felt there were more recipes than storyline, remember this is supposed to be a crime novel and not a cookery book. If the recipes were placed at the end of the book rather than after each chapter it would have been classed as a novella. The story itself was good in that it rounded off some of the cliffhangers from previous books, but I thought it seemed rushed with less substance than her previous novels. Hope the next one is better.

Review #4

Audio Chocolate Cream Pie Murder narrated by Suzanne Toren

This is the last Hannah Swenson mystery I will ever read. I’ve read every one of these mysteries and I have no idea why they have become more like cookbooks than mysteries. Every conversation seems to be some description of some food that Hannah or Michele are coking, baking or thinking about cooking or baking. It is completely unrealistic that someone would get up in front of a church congregation to discuss something so personal and so nobody’s business! I also became so annoyed that Hannah has gone from gutsy, smart business woman to a milk toast fainting all over the place. It seems like this book was written by 3 different people. The ending was also ridiculous and seemed like it was thought of in 5 minutes because it’s time to wrap up the story. There were absolutely no surprises in this at all. I knew what Hannah’s stomach issue would be about the first time she felt sick. A real lack of imagination and I have no interest in pursuing how that turns out. I am really, really disappointed in this book and I feel duped by the author. No more Hannah Swenson for me.

Review #5

Free audio Chocolate Cream Pie Murder – in the audio player below

I have followed this series from the beginning but her writing is starting to get very frustrating. This book was more about food and recipes than getting to the plot. Even the debates Hannah had between herself got to the point that I skipped over them. I’m tired of her waffling between Norman and Mike and now that she’s probably pregnant, that’s going get even worse. I think I’ll just stick to Nora Roberts and Mary Higgins Clark for my romantic mystery fix. At least they haven’t gotten into the soap opera thing. Hopefully they never will.

The last couple books have been more like short stories than a full book. Story line is rushed and predictable— no suspense left at all. Author more concerned with including a cliff hanger for the next book than developing the story. As short as these books have become, there should be a new one every couple months instead of maybe once a year.

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