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Madeline Miller is a brilliant American novelist with several successful novels to her name. She has also worked as a Greek and Latin teacher and got good exposure in the literary writing world as well. Song of Achilles is her bestselling novel, which took her 10 long years to complete. In this novel, Circe also did quite well for Madeline and all the fans and followers. It is a fictional novel and one of the most anticipated ones in the year 2018.

A daughter is born in the house of Helios and the mightiest of the Titans. Her name was Circe who was quite a strange child, to say the least. She was not as powerful as her father and not even close to being alluring like her mother. She soon discovered that she has some really special powers of witchcraft. This power was strong enough to transform all her rivals into monsters and also peril the gods themselves.

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Zeus felt threatened by her and decided to banish somewhere far on a deserted island. It was there when she refined her occult skill. She tamed quite a few beasts there and also crossed paths with the famous figures in mythology. It included the likes of Daedalus and his destined son, Icarus as well.

But, there was some threat looming for Circe as well and she was completely unaware of it by that time.

The narration of this chapter is done by Perdita Weeks. The performance was quite outstanding and it was complete by all means with excellent expression, accent, and tonal quality.

Circe is a sequel to the bestselling The Song of Achilles novel in the New York Times. It tells an epic tale that spans over thousands of years and it is for sure an absolute page-turner.

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