Dark and Stormy Knights (Kitty Norville #0.8 – God’s Creatures)

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Dark and Stormy Knights (Kitty Norville #0.8 – God’s Creatures) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Dark and Stormy Knights (Kitty Norville #0.8 – God’s Creatures) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Dark and Stormy Knights (Kitty Norville #0.8 – God’s Creatures) audiobook free

I bought this just for Jim Butcher\’s story (which was actually about John Marcone, not Harry Dresden) but I enjoyed every story. It\’s very rare that I find a compilation like this where every story is gripping, action-packed, and well written but this one has it all. I enjoyed that there was very little romance and a lot of battling monsters. I will definitely listen to this collection again!


Review #2

Dark and Stormy Knights (Kitty Norville #0.8 – God’s Creatures) audiobook streamming online

I\’m giving this book four stars only because I\’m not a huge fan of short stories. I picked up this book because it had offerings from some of my favorite authors. They were all very good, not a clunker in the batch. One of the best things about the short story format is that is offers an author of a long-running series the opportunity to write something from one of their supporting character\’s point of view. Sometimes this can be disappointing, but not here. I don\’t want to give any spoilers…. but Jim Butcher does a great job here.


Review #3

Audiobook Dark and Stormy Knights (Kitty Norville #0.8 – God’s Creatures) by Carrie Vaughn Deidre Knight Ilona Andrews Jim Butcher Lilith Saintcrow P. N. Elrod Rachel Caine Shannon K Butcher Vicki Pettersson

All of the entries are excellent reads, but as we all know the story narrated can ruin it for you. All of the entries are well read, however, the man who ready Jim Butcher\’s entry about the infamous character John Marcone needed to be told that he didn\’t have to sound like a \”wise guy\” from some old 50\’s film. Johnny is not a smoker or drinker and this buy sounded like he had been on binge all of his life. The upside is that David Pittu is excellent as 30\’s vampire and super sleuth Jack Fleming is right on the mark.


Review #4

Audio Dark and Stormy Knights (Kitty Norville #0.8 – God’s Creatures) narrated by David Pittu Joe Barrett Katherine Kellgren L. J. Ganser Marc Vietor Natalie Gold Renee Raudman Suzanne Toren

I picked up this volume of short stories in a sale. I didn\’t have high expectations because I am not a huge fan of the short form, but there were several writers included that I liked so I gave it a try. And, most of the stories are pretty good, especially Ilona Andrews\’ and Jim Butcher\’s. But I got a total shock from Rachel Caine. I have read some of Caine\’s books, but have never been overly impressed. However, her short story, Even a Rabbit Will Bite, is just about as good a short story as I have ever read – right up there with some of my favorites of Edgar Allen Poe and that is saying something. She builds and destroys a whole world in one brief story, makes the reader care deeply about some very odd characters, and left me with a tale I will never forget. It is especially nice that this great story is perfectly narrated by Suzanne Toren (bravo, Ms. Toren!). This is such a great short story, it makes the whole collection totally worth a credit.


Review #5

Free audio Dark and Stormy Knights (Kitty Norville #0.8 – God’s Creatures) – in the audio player below

I get the anthologies to read different authors and hear different narrators. I liked this anthology better than Down these Strange Streets although the subject matter was the same and many of the same authors. I feel these stories were shorter and if you weren\’t already familiar with the character they provided enough to enjoy the story. Also there was a variety of stories, some romance ,some stories funny, some were scary some were sad, some were twist on history so something for everyone provided your into monsters or \”the unknown\”. I wish audible provided a more detailed table of contents though so I can go back and maybe look up other things from the authors and/or narrators that were particularly entertaining. as an example, I particularly liked the story by Rachel Caine and Carrie Vaughn. I magine the Kindle version has all that. whisper sync is perfect for books like this, you can read some or listen or read and listen.


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