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Humans in the past faced a lot of enemies and one by one all of the enemies were dealt with an iron fist. Now those who remain fear the empire that mankind has established over the centuries. There is no threat from the outside anymore as the human rulers keep on increasing their territories all around the galaxy.


Horus is the next heir to the throne and his father has made it official, since then there is an increase in Horus’ enemies because many are just jealous of his position. His brothers think that crowning him would be a complete injustice to them so they have started planning to get rid of him. Horus is sent to planet Davin to deal with the new emerging enemies there and on that planet, this young prince gets injured in a bad way.

For the enemies and brother Primarchs, it becomes the news of the century and they finally decide to eliminate Horus in that pitiable condition. As enemies emerge from all sides, Horus finds himself short of friends and allies thus the time has come to prove that he deserves the throne of his ancestors.


Graham McNeill’s work is narrated by Toby Longworth on most occasions and the voice of the narrator fits exactly to the demand of the situation. Angel Exterminatus and Vengeful Spirit have been among fan favorites for many years and almost all these books are impressive in their storyline. Horus is an emerging character of this series and there is more to come related to him in the coming parts of the series which would surprise everyone.

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