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Float Plan audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Float Plan audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Float Plan audiobook free

Ive never blinked away tears within 5 minutes of reading a book before, but theres a first time for everything. This starts out HEAVY and gets lighter along the way, as our heroine grapples with her grief and learns to love life again. Opening with a suicide note that delivers quite the punch, this book is an interesting combination of romance and womens fiction. The romance is central to the story and found on nearly every page, but the heroine-centric storyline, emphasis on travel descriptions, and focus on personal growth give this the feel of womens fiction. I loved the journey, the range of emotion, and the truly lovable hero. Its the kind of book where Im willing to overlook some smaller issues, because there is just so much RIGHT, real, and honest about it. The story follows Anna, a woman struggling to move forward after her boyfriends suicide. Its been almost a year since his death, but she cant pull herself out of the fog of grief and depression. When her phone alerts her to the fact that its the day they planned to leave for a sailing trip around the world, Anna just drops everything and GOES. She doesnt know what to expect on the journey and knows she is woefully unprepared, but its got to be better than the life shes living. Once it becomes obvious that she cant take the trip by herself, Anna hires Keane, a professional sailor dealing with his own loss. They start as strangers and slowly develop a friendship, but spending 24/7 with a person will accelerate any relationship perhaps beyond what Anna is ready for. I love forced proximity and books that keep the characters together for much of the story, and this has that in a big way. While its Annas story, Keane plays a huge role from start to finish, and I loved the evolution of their relationship. This one is for slow burn lovers who are willing to be patient; Anna is absolutely not in the right headspace to find love, even if an incredible man is standing in front of her. I really loved how Anna and Keane just GET each other in a way that they wouldnt if they hadnt experienced the losses that they have in their lives. And the representation of Keane a strong, independent, resilient man who happens to have lost a leg was outstanding. So, while this definitely has too much sailing terminology, a few too many discussions of travel, and a touch of OW drama that I couldve done without, the rest of the story is so impactful that it all fades to the background. This wont be for everyone its just too triggering at times for that but its a unique, complex story that is well worth a read. I received an early copy via the publisher (then purchased it for my collection), and am voluntarily leaving a review of this heartbreaking yet uplifting romance.


Review #2

Float Plan audiobook streamming online

Anna Beck feels more lost than she ever should at twenty-five. After unexpectedly losing Ben her fianc she decides that only the only way to soothe her soul is to set sail on the open ocean. She has no idea how shes going to survive or even what shes in for. The only thing that she does know is that she has to try. With a little luck, she makes it safely to Bimini and any plan that she has goes all awry. Theres too much booze and too much sun. And a savior in the form of a very sexy Irishman. Keane Sullivan rescues Anna and her dignity for untold peril. Between scraping together the scraps of her pride and getting to know the too-handsome-for-his-own-good sailor, Anna finds herself asking the unexpected question – How soon is too soon to fall in love again? They plot a course around the Caribbean, taking in the beauty of both the landscape and the people they encounter. But when Anna finally pulls into her final port, will she be able to leave behind the man who opened up her heart and showed her just how beautiful the world can really be? In Float Plan, Trish Doller takes readers on a journey that is both heartbreaking and satisfying all at the same time. Watching her character of Anna go from being paralyzed with grief to being a powerful self-assured force was absolutely inspiring. And Keane. Well, he couldnt have been more perfect. But he was also genuinely human and thats such a rare combination to find. Trish then masterfully melds all of the harsh realities of sailing, the breathtaking scenery of the Caribbean and, the sizzling chemistry between Anna and Keane to give her readers a book that is as gorgeous as a sunset at sea. And just as unforgettable


Review #3

Audiobook Float Plan by Trish Doller

The first time I read a book by Trish Doller was May 2012 and it was her young adult debut, Something Like Normal. I read the book in a day and I knew as I finished readers would in for a treat with this new author. Her debut was magical and I looked forward to what we would get next. She has proved me right with her following 4 young adult releases and then changed it all with her debut adult romance, Float Plan. We werent in for a treat as a reader, we were in for a jackpot. Because guysFloat Plan is AMAZING! It is everything I expected from a Trish story in 10000% more. Can you tell I loved it? Float Plan is the story of Anna, a grief stricken woman that is completely lost after the death of her fiancee. She is just going through the motions of living until a calendar reminder tells her she is supposed to be sailing with Ben and she does exactly that. Grabbing the course he planned and her supplies she takes the boat he left her and hits the high seas. But sailing solo, while dealing with memories of Ben, is something Anna soon realizes she cant do alone. She posts an ad asking for a sailing companion. And when Keane answers the add Annas journey becomes more than a sailing trip. It becomes about learning how to move on from soul crushing grief and how to start her life again. Did I mention I love this book? There are times in everyones life where the perfect person comes into it at the perfect time. Keane was that person for Anna. She was desperate to move forward wit her life but she was trapped in her grief. Keane was able to help her see it was okay to move on. He was there to make Anna see her own strength. To see she was worth having love and giving love and just living her life even if she was devastated by Bens death. Basically Keane was perfect for Anna and she was perfect for him. Float Plan was just a perfect read. And a perfect adult debut. Annas journey so solid and uplifting. And Keane is the kind guy every one needs in their lives. I know Trish worked hard on this book for a lot of years and it is the story of her heart. I strongly believe it will be the story of yours too when you read it. Go out there and buy a copy!!!


Review #4

Audio Float Plan narrated by Sarah Naughton

This book is so much more than a romance, it\’s deal with grief and learning to discover who you are when what you once knew is gone. It is utterly beautiful, heart warming and captivating. I did not want to put this book down nor did I want It to finish it made me cry happy tears and sad tears. It tugged at my heart strings and made my heart sink as if I was the boat they were sailing on, sinking to the bottom of the ocean. I could imagine every scene and wow there are some truly beautifuly moments in this book. This is such an easy five stars. I loved the characters and their journey and im so sad jts over. So captivating


Review #5

Free audio Float Plan – in the audio player below

A brilliant piece of fiction and very much looking forward to reading more by this author. Anna, still grieving the suicide of her fianc, takes their sailboat from Florida to the Caribbean as they planned to do together. She discovers a whole new world opens to her and finds healing.


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    1 thought on “Float Plan”

    1. Amazing audiobook. The narrator was perfect.
      Anna has lost her fiancé, who’ve been struggling with depression before ending his days with pills and a bottle of whiskey.
      They’ve been planning to sail from florida to trinidad, and after 8 months of mourning, Anna quit her job and took his boat to make the trip alone, even though she has nothing to do with sea travelling (she was a waitress).
      She made it to the bahamas then realised she needed to hire a professional sailor, that will be Keane, a handsome irishman who lost his leg a few years ago.
      I loved everything :
      the characters : lovely and complex, Anna was stuggling with grief and guilt, and Keane who’s still as excellent a sailor as before, was struggling to find a job since the loss of his leg. There were a lot of secondary characters who were equally charming.
      the story : it seemed heavy but was an absolute joy to listen to
      the scenery : made me travel on my way to the university, and long for a day by the beach


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