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Never Finished

Review #1

Never Finished audiobook free

If you read David Goggin’s first book this one is also a good one – actually I think it is better. In the first book it was all about David crushing others and often himself in his pursuit of what he was capable of.

In this one you see a lot of growth as while he is still a tough guy he now while still wanting to be the best wants the best from those around him. Also, see a lot of growth in his being able to recognize “real” limitations and adjusting to a new 100%. This is not about settling but reality and this being able to get the most out of himself.

Far too many people settle today instead of seeking to be their best self now and moving forward.

Review #2

Never Finished audiobook

It was a little scattered, but that’s OK because I am too. It happened to be perfect for me at the time and made me realize it is time to write my own story.

It’s nothing like the first book, and some of the lessons take time to settle, but it was exactly what I needed. I just wish it were longer.

Review #3

Audiobook Never Finished by David Goggins

I needed this audiobook! After listening to and reading his first, I knew this second would be an auto-buy! David Goggins delivers literary excellence utilizing his own experiences and realistic outlook on life, then pushes it further than anyone else would. True, we will not all run literal marathons, but even his closing statements allude to the fact that we each have our versions to get through and push through to become the best versions of ourselves and then take it one step further! Thank you, David Goggins!

Review #4

Audio Never Finished narrated by David Goggins

His second book is even better than the first, which I didn’t think was possible.
I’ve recommended both of them to my patients and have purchased them as gifts for Hanukkah and Christmas for all those I care about and wish to help motivate.
I only wish I had read these when I was younger- my GF who is now a personal trainer, is an older female version of Mr. Goggins- she’s also read this and feels as I do. I appreciate that as I am now in better shape in my 60’s – i keep re-reading portions of it. Everyone in the United States needs a copy of both of these books -or listen to them.
This man is one of the most badass, no-nonsense, ‘stop the victim mentality’, person on the planet. He is a true inspiration to anyone.

Review #5

Free audio Never Finished – in the audio player below

David Goggin’s books have changed my life. In this book he talks a lot about his failures. A lot of times people don’t want to discuss failure unless they are complaining. Reading this book has changed my perspective on failure and helped me to discuss this when my kids fail at something. Failure is a natural consequence of being brave and trying new or daring things. I love being able to embrace that feeling and use it to grow.

Feeling sorry for yourself, think you can’t get a break? This book will give you the tools to change your mindset. This isn’t like any self help book, where you get a warm and fuzzy feeling of comfort like your grandma giving you a hug when you were a child. This is a book that will help you face your demons head on, it’s the wake up call we’ve all been looking for!

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