Glass World

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Glass World is the 13th chapter of the Undying Mercenaries novel series. This science-fiction fantasy is written by B. V. Larson. If you want to explore more good novels from the author then Edge World will make a great choice. The Battle Cruiser novel makes an incredible choice for great science fiction readers as well.

Mark Boyett once again impressed one and all with his extraordinary narration. It made the novel and its characters sound too good.

More than 100 years have gone by since the glorious day of the annexation of the planet Earth.  Humanity is struggling hard to keep hold of the few planets that exist in the frontier provinces while being at war with the Rigel. After the complete obliteration of both the fleets of the two parties, time for peaceful rebuilding has started.

James McGill is all in the hope of a very peaceful and quiet break during the conflict. However, a chance to take a considerable edge in technology arises. He is invited to Central and deployed to the stars to search for a weird planet that is dotted with sparkling formations. The brutal apex predators therefrom Rigel started to produce their impassable body panoply. McGill’s deployment to the novice planet was in the form of an agent and after that as the Legion Varus forefront. He should come forward to face death along with the cruel aliens and the untrustworthy government.

It is a wonderful series with a great chapter added into in the form of Glass World. It is just like some gripping TV series but in the form of an audiobook. Every chapter of this book is like an episode and this Glass World episode is a wonderful one.

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