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Hell Is Empty audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Hell Is Empty audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Hell Is Empty audiobook free

Craig Johnson’s Longmire series is comfortable to read. He re-uses the same basic characters in a manner that is not repetitive or boring.. His plots are never repetitive and have you rooting for the good guys and shivering when the bad guys get the upper hand. The lay of the land should be familiar to those who have spent time in the Northwest High plains and mountains. The mixtures of the Indian and White cultures should be well taken by those who live there. If one is in a down mood and needs literary comfort food this is a good diet. We bought the whole collection and had to pace ourselves as we did not want to run out too soon.

Review #2

Hell Is Empty series Walt Longmire

A deep exploration of the man, “Hell is Empty” takes you on Longmire’s personal journey into Dante’s final circle of hell. It is frightening, pulse pounding and unforgettable.

Using the backdrop of the Big Horn mountains and a spring blizzard, Johnson has crafted a stellar piece of work. I don’t say this lightly. This was an emotionally difficult book to read because up to this point I have enjoyed the wit and wisdom of Walt Longmire and his merry band of cohorts. HiE is a dark turn but a brilliant portrait of the Western Hero.

Longmire’s moral compass never wavers in spite of the inner voices that keep urging him to stop, rest, let someone else take up the journey. He pushes his hat tighter onto his stubborn head, squares his shoulders and trudges onward never losing sight of his goal. Look up “protect and serve” in any dictionary … it should have his name engraved right there.

Now a personal word about the reviews bellyaching about the setting. I live in Sheridan, at the base of the Big Horns which are a spur off the Rocky Mountain chain. There are no real “foothills” here, just that massive wall of rock shooting up from the plains. When I drive home from town I get to enjoy a nice long view of them. Off to the north is a huge upthrust. A bit further South is a barely recognizable ancient volcanic cone. And beyond that rises the stunning bulk of Cloud Peak.

I’ve been on the road between Buffalo and Ten Sleep but only in good weather and let me tell you that’s the LAST place I’d want to be in a Spring snow storm. Let alone tromping off into the wilderness during a white out.

This rugged terrain and that awful, but typical, weather are the perfect backdrop for Longmire’s long journey of the soul. He’s been on this trip since we joined him in “The Cold Dish.” Some people go into therapy, Walt stalks bad guys out in the wilds of (fictional) Absaroka County. (And btw, pronounce it “abSORka” so you’ll sound like you live here.) The weather, like the landscape, are an integral part of the storytelling. Live with it. We do.

Review #3

Audiobook Hell Is Empty by Craig Johnson

This is the best series I’ve ever read. I was a huge fan of Tony Hillerman, but Craig Johnson is better. And, each book I read in the series is an improvement over the last and that’s saying a lot. This particular book I read in one sitting. I. Could. Not. Put. It. Down! I love all the quirky characters and the laugh out loud humor. The author is equally good at serious situations that have you on the edge of your seat and make you think you’re right there in the action. Walt Longmire is a wonderful “hero” with considerable honesty and strength of character. I also love his empathy with animals and his loyalty to his family and friends.

I first discovered Longmire be accident by watching the A&E series. It was quite good so I decided to try the first book “A Cold Dish” and was hooked. I immediately ordered all the books and short stories. Also, the lead actor in the TV series (Australian actor Robert Taylor) was an excellent choice, and as I read the books, I picture him as Walt.

Review #4

Audio Hell Is Empty narrated by George Guidall

Excellent book as are all Longmire books. This one starts with Walt transporting a group of prisoners to the Feds in the mountains. When it all goes horribly wrong and Walt finds himself in pursuit in blizzard conditions in the wilderness. Without revealing any spoilers, this is an excellent tale about testing and pushing yourself mentally and physically in extreme conditions in pursuit of a goal. I could almost feel the snow on my face reading this.

Review #5

Free audio Hell Is Empty – in the audio player below

Hell is Empty was a long, dark journey for Sheriff Walt. He basically goes to the ends of the earth to bring a very bad criminal to justice. And some of the ‘deputies’ he met along the search turned out to be more helpful than one could imagine. His long trek to the summit was close to miraculous. I felt like i needed counselling when i was done reading; i feel like Walt could have used a little down time and a good ‘shrink’. But his long time connection to the Bear (Cheyenne Nation) provided all he needed.

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