Junkyard Dogs

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Junkyard Dogs audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Junkyard Dogs audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Junkyard Dogs audiobook free

My favorite Walt Longmire quote or conversation in Junkyard Dogs is between his Doctor and himself.
“What’s up, Doc?” … “How’s the knee?” I winced. “All right, till you started monkeying around with it.” He looked up at me, all the world the likeness of some venerated Caesar and just as forgiving. “The shotgun wound to your leg has healed moderately well?” “Yep.” “No lingering symptoms from pneumonia from drowning?” “I didn’t really drown.” His voice was sharp. “When you have to be resuscitated, you drowned.” “Okay.” “Take off your coat.” I did, and he took my left hand and examined the scar tissue. He held my upper arm and turned my forearm, rotating the elbow. “Does this hurt?” I lied. “No.” He unsnapped my cuff, raised the sleeve of my shirt, and looked more closely at the elbow itself. “You have some swelling here, under the scar tissue.” I lied again. I didn’t usually lie, but with the Doc it had become a habit. “I’ve always had that.” He shook his head and manipulated my shoulder. It sounded gravelly like Geo Stewart’s. “The shoulder?” “It feels great.” “It doesn’t feel great to me, and it doesn’t sound so good either.” He frowned as he compressed the joint and lifted my arm. “How’s that?” It actually hurt like hell, so I pulled my arm loose. “Not so great, which is why I’ve dropped mandatory departmental saluting.” “How is your foot?” “Fabulous.” He studied me with a look, and the only description that might apply would be askance. “You’re still limping.” “I’ve come to consider it a character trait.” “Take off your hat.” “I don’t think that’s going to help with the limp.” Walt Longmire
What a great scene and Junkyard Dogs is a very entertaining mystery. Look out for Butch and Sundance! !
I truly enjoy Craig Johnson’s Longmire Series. This is my 6th Longmire Book. I am looking forward to the next book!!!

Review #2

Junkyard Dogs series Walt Longmire

Craig Johnson and his wonderful character Sheriff Walt Longmire have outdone themselves in this fabulous addition to the series. This was absolutely the best yet, not only in the pure riveting complexity and magnetism of the narrative, but also in the perfect-pitch dialogue of these characters we have come to know and love (or hate, as the case may be).

I normally would not give five stars to a book in this genre (murder mystery;action/thriller), but the combination of great elements made this such an entirely wonderful read that I couldn’t resist. Besides the great plot and character development, Johnson uses humor (sometimes laugh-out-loud) in the dialogue between his characters in a way that is entirely satisfying and not the least cloying. The conversations often reflect a startling depth of thought — the kind that only comes from living and learning. To top it all off, his passages are beautiful and powerful in describing the stark, magnificent Wyoming winter and other western scenes that are worthy of the best travelogue. Here are some examples that I noticed enough to highlight in my Kindle:

Review #3

Audiobook Junkyard Dogs by Craig Johnson

I am thoroughly enjoying the Walt Longmire series. The characters are not one dimensional; they are complex like real people. These books are smart, well written police procedurals that keep you guessing at the character “who done it.” The dialog is at times laugh out loud funny even though the overall plotline is serious. I have spent some time in this part of Wyoming, and the writing gives you an accurate feel for the area even though the town of Durant is ficticious. You don’t have to read the series in order but it is helpful since the characters evolve over the series.

Review #4

Audio  Junkyard Dogs narrated by George Guidall

I became accustomed to the Longmire characters and enjoyed them. I read the entire series. They entertained me and kept me interested.

Review #5

Free audio Junkyard Dogs – in the audio player below

Craig Johnson writes cowboy stories set in the modern present of Wyoming. If you liked the television series and you can read, you’ll like the books better. This is a good detective story with just enough violence and enough flavor of the old west to make you feel like the world is alright and that our government hasn’t ruined everything.

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