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Kindness Goes Unpunished audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Kindness Goes Unpunished audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Kindness Goes Unpunished audiobook free

I’m going to read the entire series, there may be a “clunker” down the road, we all have bad days, but 3 is a charm here. I really enjoyed the trip to Philadelphia. I had/have close family there and for many years traveled along Broad St. to Wyoming Ave. to visit my Aunt Jean and Uncle Slick. I’ll never forget those days and this book brought back many happy memories. I’ve been to football games at Franklin Field and walked the UP campus along with visits to the Franklin Institute, etc.
Now to the book; very well done, amazing characters and good, crisp dialogue, “Yep.” I’m already on #4 and will get #5 soon. Too bad this is a limited series. I’m wondering if there will be more relationship to TV shows and characters as well. It is part of the mystery for me and keeps my interest up. So far, only the 1st book had any relationship to the TV series as far as story line goes and the ending is totally different so the TV show doesn’t give anything away.

Review #2

Kindness Goes Unpunished series Walt Longmire

Sheriff Walt Longmire is used the wide-open spaces of Absaroka County in Wyoming. It is home. He loves it. He knows it well. He’s a good sheriff.

In KINDNESS GOES UNPUNISHED by Craig Johnson, however, Walt finds himself in an alien environment: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with its concrete and crowds. He may seem out of place in his cowboy hat and with his beast of a dog, Dog, but Walt proves that his investigative skills are as sharp as the city’s police. He unofficially joins in the investigation of an attack on his daughter, Cady, and a series of murders.

Walt is joined by his friend, Henry Standing Bear, and his deputy, Vic Moretti, who is from an old family of Philadelphia cops.

In the course of the book, Indian culture is touched upon in several ways, as well as exploration of ideas about home, family, and relationships.

Review #3

Audiobook Kindness Goes Unpunished by Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson’s Langmire books have gotten better and better with each one published. And, not surprisingly, they improve with each rereading, because there is so much intricate plotting and so much depth of place description that a simple first read cannot fit it all in.

This particular novel impacted me emotionally – and unexpectedly – several times with its descriptions of love, fragile familial attachments, and even the relationship between human and animal.

Would recommend. It fits well within the Langmire pantheon, adding important nuances to the relationships between Walt and Vic, Vic and her family, Walt and Cady.

Review #4

Audio Kindness Goes Unpunished narrated by George Guidall

This starts out as a road trip to see Longmire’s daughter, Cady, in Philadelphia. But it takes a bad turn when his daughter is brutally attack by someone. Now Longmire is in a awkward situation, he is an officer of the law, but at the same time he is a father so he was to tread lightly, but at the same time be ready to kick butt and take names. Now the plot is a twisty thing of who is good and who is bad. The characters are well defined and you will pick out your favor one or your favor ones. The thing I liked best in this story was the narrative, which is handled by Longmire. Does the story have a happy ending I will let you dear readers decide, but to decide you will have to read it.

Review #5

Free audio Assassin – in the audio player below

You get so attached to all the characters that you feel you know them personally. You smile or cry when they do. This one hurt. The sheriff and his best friend head Bear head off to Philadelphia for an exhibit of the very old photos of the reservation. Hoping to see Sheriff Longmire’s lawyer daughter while they are there. However things turn upside down when they discover his daughter was seriously hurt and in a coma…. and it’s no accident. The first person of interest is the new boyfriend. And in true Longmire tradition nothing goes the way you think it will. Very hard to put down.

This is another great book in the Walt Longmire series. I came to this series recently and wish I’d found it sooner. The characters are sympathetic and fun to watch. Walt leaves his home in Montana to visit his only daughter Cady, “The Greatest Legal Mind…” – in Philadelphia where she’s been practicing law. She wants him to meet her latest boyfriend – another lawyer. But shortly after they arrive, she’s assaulted and left in a coma. Walt and best friend since childhood, Henry Running Bear (aka “the Cheyenne Nation”) discover she was supposed to meet the boyfriend – they were seen fighting. Why does Cady’s boyfriend deny their relationship? When he turns up dead, was he thrown or did he jump off the bridge? The police wonder whether Walt was involved – but he has an alibi. Treat yourself to a great story and lots of Craig Johnson’s signature Walt Longmire action by reading this book. Better yet – get the whole series! That’s what I intend to do…

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