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Sarah J. Mass when introduced to Aelin in the beginning she was just a slave who was loyal to her master. Later as her talents were displayed in front of the king she was hired as an assassin in the court. Time passed and Aelin realized who she truly is and got her place at the throne which was rightfully hers.

With her trusted allies she got success on every battlefield till she was captured by the Queen of Fae. The queen has sealed Aelin in a coffin-like box and all the hopes are slowly dying in her mind.

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She did all of this to save her people but the evil queen has still launched an attack on the land. People are dying everywhere, Aedion and Lysandra are trying to gather more and more people on their side for the war but nothing can stand against the wrath of evil this time. Among them is Rowan who is not worried about the situation which is developing around him rather he is worried about his wife i.e Aelin. Rowan is of the view that saving Aelin would solve everything and only she holds the power to fight against the Queen of Fae.

Elizabeth Evans’ narration sparkle the finale as she provides the series once again the lovely voice which she possesses. Sarah does not focus on themes very much one can analyze this in A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Frost and Starlight. The author’s main objective is to entertain the audience through the sacrifices which the leading characters make. Rowan and Aelin also in this last book sacrifice almost everything for the safety of their land.

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