Life Reset: Conquest

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Life Reset: Conquest is chapter five of the New Era Online novel series. It is a science fiction fantasy. The book is written by Shemer Kuznits. The author has been a great fan of science fiction, fantasy, and RPG games for many years. He started consuming all of the available LitRPG books since he was first introduced to them in 2016.  In literary writing in the subject domain, he offered novels as good as is Life Reset: A LitRPG Novel. The other novel of the same intensity is Life Reset: Human Resource.

The narration of this book is done by a team that includes Jeff Hays, Laurie Catherine, Annie Ellicott, and Catherine Winkel. It was all a fabulous performance where everything was right up to the mark.

There was a prophecy foretold and it had the fates of countless people on the line.

Life Reset: Conquest

The Greenpeace clan has one key enemy after them. They march forward to get new conquests. Facing Oren along with his huge army makes the joint forces of the “civilized races”. They had the intention of halting his invasion of their territory.

The reality faded as Oren struggled harder than ever before, for the sake of saving all of the trapped players, the clan, and the family.

Life Rest: Conquest is an excellent continuous to the series and it proved to be a great addition. It will keep you on your toes throughout while you will be anticipating every time that what would happen next. The book is part of the bestselling series. It combines the monster protagonist, settlement development, and then a crazy AI mate as well. There is a definite desire to explore to find out that what it means to be a human who lives inside a game.

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