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Necromancer is the tenth chapter of the Spellmonger novel series. It is written by terry Mancour who is known for having good command over science-fiction fantasies and this novel is just one of them. If you want to read some more novels written by Terry Mancour then Unsouled and Wintersteel are his best novels hands down.

John Lee has narrated Necromancer. He is regarded as one of the finest narrators of his time. His performance in necromancer is flawless.

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Just when Minalan figured out that there was some tiny chance for restoring Alya, his wife things started to go awry. Prince Tavard decides to pay an official visit to the Sevendor. It came as a pilgrimage to the Everfire over the feast day of Briga. However, some mystery thing could be seen right at his doorstep along with a highly intriguing offer. The offer came from the Sea Folk who used to govern Callidore. They wanted to take over the snow stone, which should be the complete mountain and nothing less than that.

Minalan, the spellmonger is in mysterious intrigue already and right up to the point of his hat. He also has his resources when the wizard of age has some of his problems. Before the conclusion of the pilgrimage, it all sets some big actions within their courses. The gods even elected to arbitrate overtly in the life of Minalan.

Necromancer is an excellent addition to the Spellmonger novel series. The audience wants that the series continues and there are more exciting novels added to it. The writing from Terry Mancour is top class while the performance by John Lee was unbeatable as well.

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