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It’s time travel that fascinates most fiction writers all over the world. Many writers have written stories on characters that go back in time and then come back successfully to their original time zone. Many characters in such stories alter the timeline which changes the whole course of history and future. Diana Gabaldon writes about the same kind of incident in this novel when a woman is transported back in time. Seven Stones to Stand or Fall and Drums of Autumn never gave Diana the fame which she got through this novel.

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It was this novel that took the author to the top of the world of fiction. The story narrated by Davina Porter portrays the character of a combat nurse who comes back from the Second World War. Claire Randall the returning nurse rejoined her husband after a long time, the husband and wife thus planned for some time out.

They wanted to spend some time together away from society to compensate for the moments which they have lost in the war. An isolated place is selected where people usually don’t go and here Claire touches something ancient. Just after touching the ancient rock, the nurse is shifted to 1743 Scotland. Here the lady finds herself among the toughest warriors of the time who are ready to fight all the time.

Never before has she seen such warriors and savage scenery but now it was her destiny to live among the clan and with the warrior who just mesmerized her at the first glance. As time passes we observe that her will to go back in her time fades because the Scottish people start to appeal to her more.

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