Persepolis Rising

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Persepolis Rising is a science fiction fantasy. It is the seventh installment in The Expanse novel series. It is written by James S. A. Corey. It is a pen name used by the two writing collaborators, Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham. Some of their most powerful novels offered to the science fiction audience are Leviathan Wakes and Abaddon’s Gate.

Jefferson Mays has narrated Persepolis Rising in the audio format. He is a Tony Award-winning performer and you will find his narration just next to perfection in this novel.

Persepolis Rising

In the 1000-sun network of the expansion of humanity, the new colony worlds are known to be struggling to find their way. Every new planet in the solar system is just living a life on the knife-edge amid wonder and collapse. Rocinante, the squad of the gunship are there with their hands more full than ever before.

In the vast space that exists between Jupiter and Earth, there are plenty of inner planets too. The Belt that they have formed has resulted in an uncertain and tentative alliance. This is a collaboration that is haunted by a lot of the history of prejudices and different wars. In Laconia, a lost colony world, there is a hidden enemy with a novice vision for the entire humanity. He has the potential to enforce that as well.

This book is a fantastic entry into The Expanse novel series. It might just be the best novel of the series for many of its followers. One thing is guaranteed that you will enjoy this novel a lot. Jefferson Mays alone could be your prime source of entertainment in this novel with his powerful performance.

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