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Janelle Brown is a renowned American star and an author as well now. Pretty Thing is a fictional novel from the author that received great appreciation and liking by countless followers. If you want to check out more books from the author then All We Ever Wanted Was Everything and Watch Me Disappear would make a great fictional experience.

You will thoroughly enjoy the vocal performance in this audio novel, which took this book to an altogether different level. The performance team of this audiobook involves Julia Whelan, Hillary Huber, and Lauren Fortgang.

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Nina was once of the opinion that the liberal arts degree that she holds would lead her to a very successful career. When her dream about her career crashed she reverted to stealing things from the rich LA kids. She was supported by Lachlan, her Irish boyfriend. Nina learned the tricks from her mother who was a phenomenal con artist.

She tried hard to give a good childhood to her daughter despite all the hurdles and quite a wayward life that they led. But, once her mother got seriously ill then Nina put everything on the line to get her mother treated and to save her life. She was willing to go to any extreme to help her ailing mother, even if it means playing her most dangerous scam ever. Soon, Vanesa comes into the picture of the story, who is a rich young heiress.

The book is awesome and you will love every page of it for something unique and special. Janelle Brown has done a brilliant job and she is your new must-listen or must-read author now.

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