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RHYTHM OF WAR audiobook

Dalinar never wanted war in his life but he was forced to get engaged in bloodshed and other terrible things. His visions and missions got destroyed by the devastating attacks of the Everstorm. For the safety of the people and the protection of the land, Dalinar was forced to establish an alliance with another powerful clan.

When the alliance was made there were certain doubts in the mind. Those doubts still exist but they have been put aside because peace is finally returning to the land once again. After the peace is restored and there is nothing more for the heroes to do, Brandon Sanderson twists the story once more. The alliance starts shattering and the hidden agendas of the enemy come to light. New technology is coming to the world that makes the war scenarios more destructive.

RHYTHM OF WAR audiobook free

Knights Radiant is restored and there is a danger that they might not be able to withstand the upcoming dangers this time. Kate Reading and Michael Kramer narrated Words of Radiance and Edgedancer and as official narrators, the two again complete their job with extreme care.

RHYTHM OF WAR audiobook by Brandon Sanderson

The story is about the launching of a new era in a world that once believed in old myths and trusted the old customs and ways of living. With the emergence of a new civilization and new ways of war, we will see the difference as old heroes and villains will perish in the coming novels. New faces are yet to be introduced and if the author wants to take the series further there has to be an addition of a new generation in the novel.

RHYTHM OF WAR in series Stormlight Archive

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