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Grisha made Alina a member after the elite magicians heard about her powers. Everyone was sure that Alina was the guardian angel they were looking for and now after her emergence, everything will turn to normal. Such things are always easy to say but even fulfilling your destiny can sometimes become an uphill task for a person. Leigh Bardugo portrayed Alina as a powerful girl but the author hinted toward the thing that she was not in full control of her powers.


Lauren Fortgang the narrator of this strange story has given Alina a trembling voice in the beginning because she is afraid of the development around her. Now Alina knows that she is the Sun Summoner but she is not ready to fulfill her duty as she wants a romantic life with Mal. Her enemies are after her and she has found a quiet place for her and her lover in this strange world.

Hiding in this distant land will not solve anything for her because evil is finally taking over the world and it must be stopped. This one lies between Shadow and Bone and Ruin and Rising so it is like a bridge between the two parts. The first and third parts cannot be understood properly if you don’t give time to this second episode.


The events which take place in this chapter prepare the audience for the third part of the series. Alina is forced to come out of the hiding once again so that she can fulfill prophesy that is linked to her since the beginning of time. There is not a lot of variables in the story so it can be considered as a straightforward action packed series.

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