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Skysworn is the fourth chapter in the Cradle novel series. The book is a science fiction fantasy and it is written by Will Wight. The author has done well in the subject genre and produced worth reading or listening to novels. If a couple of his best novels are to be named then Unsouled and Wintersteel would make a great read.

Travis Baldree has given his voice for the narration of this novel. The performance was incredible and the listeners enjoyed it thoroughly.

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Lindon is isolated and locked away in a prison cell while having his duel approaching fast. As a Blackflame, Lindon is known to be extremely dangerous if he is let to roam freely. The SKysworn are known as the protectors of the Empire. They have imprisoned Lindon to keep him under full control. It will remain as it is until the day of his fight comes. When that promised day comes then his fight will be against Jai Long.

But, some new danger is awaiting for the Empire. It is approaching closer with every passing day. It was one of the Dreadgods who stirred far early than it was predicted. Having a brush even with such a creature could mean the complete end of the Blackflame Empire. It is only Skysworn who stands right between the inhabitants of the place and complete annihilation. On top of that, Lindon may also be forced to become part of that.

The novel lasts for less than eight hours in audio format and it is full of action. The author has done well to keep the story short and sweet so that there was no dragging of the plot whatsoever.

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