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Brandon Sanderson is a renowned American writer of science fiction fantasies. Cosmere universe is his best work so far that made him the go-to author of countless science fiction lovers. He is also known for his incredible contributions in the pending work of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series which was hanging in uncertainty after his untimely death. Starsight is a special novel from the author and it is the second chapter of the Skyward novel series. The Eye of the World and The Shadow Rising arguably stands as the best novels from the author.

Suzy Jackson has narrated this chapter in her awe-inspiring voice. She is an award-winning narrator and a capable actress as well which helped her in giving such a powerful vocal performance.

Starsight audiobook free

Spensa has always dreamed about becoming a pilot all her life. She wanted to prove to the world that she is a hero just like her father. She managed to make it to the sky. The truth that she came to know about her father was crushing. She discovered that all the rumors about his father being a coward were true. He deserted his plane during the war against the Krell. Even worse, he turned against his men right in between the battle and attacked them.

Spensa was quite certain that there is a lot more attached to this story. She was certain that whatever happened with his dad in the starship could also happen to her.

She heard the stars when she was able to go out in space. It was a terrifying experience. She started to believe that everything she learned about her world is a big lie.

The Starsight novel will mesmerize you with its cliffhanger ending. Therefore, reserve your opinion till the last when you will determine that how amazing this novel is.

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