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The Land: Monsters Audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Land: Monsters audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

The Land: Monsters audiobook free

Couldn’t put it down! I have loved the whole series so far. Now to get to the negatives. Anyone that is reading this book has more than likely read the proceeding 7 books, so you probably already know the negatives of this series.

The first few problems that I have are with regard to setting, now I know I am splitting hairs and that this might be a little nitpicky, but I didn’t like it. Most people like myself that read long fantasy series get invested in the many characters that develop along the way, so even though Richter is the main character he isn’t the only character. Even though a lot of the other characters are a little shallow and almost all interactions occur between them and the MC it would have been a great way to give them autonomy and develop them independent of the MC.

This series reads almost like a solipsistic story of Richter, but I personally enjoy the support characters that seem to remain idle and wait for Richter to show up and move them along. The Epilogue was a refreshing chapter, but everything else was very slow. Let’s be honest there isn’t a lot of content in this book, not that a lot of stuff doesn’t happen because it of course does, but it just gets so bogged down.

The series is at the point now where each installment would need to be as long as book 7 to actually encompass a complete thought. The majority of the content is the MC explaining why something would be a great choice and then why he isn’t going to make that choice, then a seemingly insignificant encounter followed by just the right Rare drop that finishes a puzzle started earlier in the same book to complete an awesome item that the MC can’t survive without.

I know that this book is actually a breath of fresh air, in that it is a different setting than the other books. We have all grown to love the other books in the series not because of the constant bombardment with stats and numbers that the author is either going to ignore for plot convenience or bad editing. We don’t love it because there are several repeat phrases and a few words that either don’t make sense or are clear typos. We fell in love with it because it is a rare civilization building adventure staring our favorite narcissist and friends.

The MC now has approximately 6 million abilities and powers, none of his magic is powerful enough to kill an annoying mosquito, and he hasn’t spent any real time working on combat skills. He either chooses not to, or forgets to use his best spells until it is convenient or absolutely necessary.

Look like I said if you have read the rest of the series you already know all of this, but what you may not know if you haven’t read this book is that it ends way too soon. The MC basically just fools around in a cave for a few days and finds a club that he works into a weapon. If you honestly just skip this one and wait until he gets out of the underground in book 10 or so you will be fine, because at this pace you don’t have to worry about him getting too far.

Is the book entertaining? Absolutely. Will it scratch my itch for some more Richter? Yes it will. Will there be meaningful story progression? Not until the Epilogue that is actually not a part of the book, but is on his website. Should I buy it? If you have the rest then yes, but only on Kindle it isn’t worth a hard copy.

Again 5 stars loved the book, but it is basically a side story not real main story progression. Very strange that it took an entire year extra to put this book out considering the level of editing mistakes. I also find it strange that the first few chapters were available from Patreon supporters that paid more than $10 a month, but looking at the book there is a specific lack of continuity and editing that could have been accomplished in that extra year.

Best of luck with this series, but I am not going to be suggesting this series to any more people until this gets better (at least 5 other people purchased this entire series because of me) and I will not be wearing my Mist Village Mafia swag(I have a bracelet, T-shirt, Bag, popsocket and some other stuff) until the Mist Village is actually re-introduced and included in the story. Gnomes Rule!

Review #2

The Land: Monsters audiobook Series Chaos Seeds

Where to begin? Well, to start I did not want to write this review and I don’t do that many but I feel like it has to be done. Many people on the group facebook page are defending this book and I get that, I really wanted to like it too, but it’s just not a good book and I feel like this book is so bad it is really a disservice to the rest of the series and a huge let down to the fans. This will be kinda long, if you really want to know what is wrong with this book keep reading.
The positives of the book are the beginning chapters and the ending. That’s it. The central problem with the book that other reviewers have noted is that it is just too long for almost no story progression. NONE. I feel like I wasted 8 or 9 hours of my life reading this book. Ok, the book picks up with a running battle with these ichorpedes, ok. Then we have Richter getting out of his favor owed to the demon by ascending to a higher incarnation which leads to the demon forgoing the favor and giving Richter a quest which, if fulfilled, will lead Richter back to the village. This was kind of long but so far so good. This is where everything goes off the rails. Now when you get to this point and you see how much of the book is left, you’re thinking ok maybe we won’t get to the bugbear attack that was foreshadowed but he was given a quest that will lead him out of the depths so that’s what we are going to see. NOPE. I was wrong. So much space was wasted on extraneous stuff, SO MUCH SPACE. I can appreciate the minutiae of crafting, Richter’s new incarnation, the intricacies of crafting, as long as the story keeps moving but it doesn’t. I honestly like when the author goes into detail on things like the dungeon, his profession, village mechanics etc.. because it all, previously, had something to do with moving the story IN THAT BOOK along. Not here.
It feels like the author repeats himself over and over again. We don’t get any kind of payoff in this book. The MC is still stuck in the depths, the curse from the Lich is still active, we don’t get any story movement. We get basic editing errors though, LOTS of them. Listen, your book is presently #15 on the Amazon paid list and number one in several categories. HIRE AN EDITOR!! GET AN INTERN!!! GET A COLLEGE ENGLISH MAJOR TO WORK FOR RAMEN NOODLES! Something! Seriously, a series that has this big of a following , there is no excuse. Words that are are repeated (see what I did there). Wrong tenses, and I mean obvious stuff here ok. Words missing so as a reader you have to guess what the author is trying to say. Words obviously in the wrong order. You get the picture. So we get editing errors, we got LOTS of game mechanics, we get no story progression, no emotional payoff at the end, a lame ass cliffhanger which has more to do with Richter getting a chance to use a perk of his new incarnation than fulfilling any foreshadowing from the last book, and AN ENTIRE CHAPTER ABOUT EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA! Honestly, the chapter was funny, but at that point I was mad. I mean really? A whole chapter about that? You can write a chapter about that but nothing that gets Richter to the village, nothing that gets the curse lifted, nothing that moves the story forward?? SERIOUSLY?? The criticisms here are valid, this book is mostly filler and feels like it was rushed, which considering it took what? TWO YEARS? How can it possibly be rushed and feel unfinished?? Well it does. Almost like you have a term paper due the next day and you started writing it at 6 AM on your laptop in the parking lot. I honestly feel cheated and that’s why I’m mad. I wanted to give this book at least 3 stars but it doesn’t deserve it. Here is an example, Richter finally gets to use the expertise book and reach novice rank in the Granite Breaker style. He spends way too much time talking about the daily lives of the people who used that style, tells us a story about how the kids were trained and went to this cave, and there was this flash flood that was stopped by the kid’s dad, how they camped overnight, the trial the kid whose expertise he is getting went through a trial, blah blah blah. That WHOLE THING should’ve been explained in one page maybe two but he goes on and on with just stuff that if the book was over a thousand pages, I mean ok, but we get that,an entire chapter about diarrhea, endless details about things we know, tons of exposition about the new magic mechanics, wandering aimlessly FOREVER through the depths. Before reading this my biggest fear was that the book was going to be about Richter running around underground and then the end was gonna be him getting back to the village. My problem with that is we have already read that book in this series. Well turns out what I should have been concerned about was 866 pages of mostly filler and setup for the next book. Honestly, this book is embarrassing and I embarrassed for when the people I have recommended this series to finally get to it. I won’t be tricked again, no more pre-orders for me on this series and that is my advice. Don’t pre order the next book wait until it’s been released and other people have read it. This book is basically a really long short story with a whole lot of padding and I can’t help but think that the author was busy writing his OTHER book for the past two years that is going to be released this February and wrote this one in maybe a couple of months? Just my guess.

Review #3

Audiobook The Land: Monsters by Aleron Kong

Let me first say, that I have loved this series…it has been only one of three that I have read multiple times. I was so excited for this book that I stayed up to read it. I was sadly, very disappointed. I desperately wanted to love this book, but to be honest, it felt like it was fluffed out. I felt that after the status windows were there, which we could easily read for ourselves, it was then needlessly repeated in several paragraphs. I don’t feel like the story progressed at all. It just seems like this book was lacking substance. I give 5 stars for the author because I truly do like him, but this book made my heart hurt because I desperately wanted to love it, but I feel let down.

Review #4

Audio The Land: Monsters narrated by Nick Podehl

The chaos seed series has always been fairly stat heavy with constant explanations of them, yet in the past there has always been a good level of story and interaction between characters to make up for it. This one spent more time doing stats than anything else. As always I enjoyed the story elements he had added, I like how his enchanting progressed. But too much was just, stats, prompts and exlplanaions of stats and prompts. I almost gave up reading when I reached a chapter that was fully dedicated to explaining Richter’s explosive diarrhea, don’t get me wrong, I found the fact that he ended up with it comical but dedicating an entire chapter to it was completly overkill. A lot of series usually have one book that lets it down completly, and I think this is it for the Chaos seed series. I will still be looking to buy book 9 however and will be keeping my fingers crossed that it will be up to his usual standards. I would still recommend buying this as a continuation of the series, just don’t expect a lot a lot of story from it. Is much better to think of it as an interesting side-quest than a continuation of the series.

Review #5

Free audio The Land: Monsters – in the audio player below

The first 65% of this book was back to back self flagellation and over explanation of new mechanics. I’d been looking forward to knowing the constituencies to the last books conclusion, but having half of the next book just for those notifications was ridiculous; more importantly it was just badly written and not particularly fun to read. It was work to get through it all. Then there were the literal pages of [censored by Amazon review guidelines] jokes; I just kept slipping ahead until I stopped seeing the word [censored by Amazon review guidelines] or “Dangler”. I had to skip far too many pages of drivel. It was just embarrassing.

The last 20% actually became engaging in the way I’ve come to expect from the earlier books and I found myself getting back into it. It was a shame for it to then come to an end, although I did appreciate the epilogue online which briefly went back to Alma.

The first half felt rushed and poorly edited down; frankly it read like rambling fan fiction. The second half (ignoring the diarrhoea scene) got steadily better, with the last 20% being the only part of the book that felt in keeping with the previous books.

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