The Last Curtain Call

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The Last Curtain Call audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Last Curtain Call audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

The Last Curtain Call audiobook free

This is not the first in the series, but one could read it without having read the others. The author does a decent job of letting you in on some of the needed points so you do not feel lost. I would, however, recommend reading her other books to get a better feel for the main characters. The story takes place in an old theater, and its location is as much of a character as those who speak. The murder not only takes place there, but its setting becomes a clue and a red herring all in one. As you get introduced to the squatters, the builders, and the ghosts, you learn a little about the past, and the motivation as well as who committed the murder. When you have the final reveal you are satisfied, but you mourn that the story is over. I love a good cozy with ghosts, and this did not disappoint. It also had for those who are fans of this author, a few fan nods that will make those readers enjoy the story even more. But, if you have not read the other books, you wont feel like you missed a joke because it is written like it is just another part of the story.


Review #2

The Last Curtain Call audiobook streamming online

The Haunted House Renovation series is an auto buy for me. I have read all 8 books in the series. This book might be one of the best of the series for me. Several years ago, I went on a tour of a restored grand 1920\’s theater. It had a Grand Barton organ (only two remaining in US) that rose up from the pit. The interior was in Art Deco gold gilding. The ceiling had a dark blue sky with stars and clouds. Of course, there were ghost stories or sightings that were told. So when I read about Mel Turners restoring the Crockett Theater in San Francisco, it reminded me so much of what I saw on the theater tour. Another thing, I liked so much was the visual images the book brought to me as I read. Am example would be a balcony filled with customer ghosts with vacant eyes yet jeering at her. Then there was Harold , the theater page ghost who was persistent to see the ticket stub. At her new home, that is being renovated before they move in, there is the 1920\’s flapper starlet ghost Hildy. Then how Mel would describe the interior of the theater. I could see it all. The balcony ghosts were a creepy visual. I, also, like so much in the series, the meals her dad prepares at his home. Everyone is welcome and it always has a homey feeling of family, friends and shared meals. When Mel and Landon move into their new home, wonder how those scenes will continue because they are a strength of the series to me. I enjoyed the read very much and am looking forward to the next book.


Review #3

Audiobook The Last Curtain Call by Juliet Blackwell

Turner Construction has the chance to restore the Crockett Theatre and bring it back to life. Mel Turner is thrilled to have this opportunity but first, she has to deal with the squatters. And when one of them is murdered, things take a dark turn. When Mel learns that the victim had found something that she thought was special just before her death, Mel looks into it and discovers that the previous owner was killed in mysterious circumstances. In addition, it seems that there\’s a connection to the ghost in the attic of Mel\’s new house. I love this series and was thrilled with the release of a new book! The book\’s well-written with well-rounded characters and was definitely worth the wait. The story was fabulous, grabbing my attention from the beginning and keeping me hooked until the end. The by play among the various relationships was great. I\’m truly hoping that there\’ll be more to come in this series. I highly recommend both book and series which I suggest you read in order.


Review #4

Audio The Last Curtain Call narrated by Xe Sands

Blackwell\’s best thus far. She interweaves San Francisco area history expertly with historic renovation, along with a cast of characters who are interesting, smart, individual, and likeable — even the ghosts, mostly. It\’s clear she knows plenty about San Francisco, Oakland, historic restoration, and anthropology, but I have to wonder where she\’s gained her experience with ghosts? Given the various areas of the country in which she\’s lived, I suspect she may well have had her own ghostly encounter or two. I\’m hoping very much she continues this series, as she\’s creating a modern classic with every new title in it. Kudos to a mind creative in so many fields, on so many levels.


Review #5

Free audio The Last Curtain Call – in the audio player below

If you have ever wanted to explore the labyrinth of rooms in a haunted theater, here you are! Mel Turner\’s company is hired to restore a fading, but opulent theater in San Francisco. She, of course, encounters ghosts and mysteries. I very much like seeing San Francisco (I\’m a native) through her eyes. The places she goes are either really there or are thinly disguised and recognizable. It is especially fun that the book comes out this week and involves the 4th of July which is tomorrow. If you have read any of the other series, your favorite people appear or are mentioned in the story. I can\’t help but remember the Fox Theater in San Francisco with its rich decoration. We lost that one but in this story, Mel works on saving this one. Since we are staying at home during this time, enjoy the whole series and then investigate the other 2 she has written. You will enjoy them.


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