Towers of Midnight

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Towers of Midnight is the 13th chapter in the Wheel of Time novel series. It is a beautiful science fiction fantasy with an incredible fan following. It is written by Robert Jordan and was supported by Brandon Sanderson as well. If you want to check some more good novels from the exciting Wheel of Time series then The Eye of the World and The Shadow Rising is the best books.

The duo of Michael Kramer and Kate Reading is back again in this 13th chapter of the series with their narrative talent. They gave another sensational performance.

Towers of Midnight audiobook free

The last battle has been initiated. The seals on the prison of Dark One have started to crumble. The Shadow armies have progressed to boil out the Blight. The sun is all set for the Third Age.

Perrin is hunted by phantoms from the past. The list includes slayer of wolves, white-cloaks, and leadership responsibilities. All this time, a hidden adversary was pulling a trap all around his neck in a very slow manner. To prevail, he is required to get answers in Tel’aran’rhiod and then find a way out.

In the meantime, Matrim is preparing for the most daunting challenge of his life. Aelfinn and Eelfinn, the creatures beside the stone gateways have confused him a lot. They have taunted him viciously and his memory got stuffed with bits and pieces of other people’s lives.

The first chapter of Wheel of Time came in 1990 and it made millions of fans from then onwards. Towers of Midnight is a special novel from the series. You will love it for its plot, character development, and strong audio performances.

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