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Wait for Signs audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Wait for Signs audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Wait for Signs audiobook free

Each story is a perfect gem. Walt is off duty in these stories, which largely feature other characters. Truly great stories, but I’ve read enough Craig Johnson to have realized he doesn’t do female characters very well. Martha is dead, Cady is usually invisible until the very end, and even Vic – Walt’s handpicked successor and undersheriff – is largely offstage in Johnson’s books. I’ve read the novels sequentially through As the Crow Flies and Vic has yet to show why Walt has picked her to be the next sheriff. She mainly shows up to crack a few dirty jokes, then disappears again until the very end. She was much more of a central character on Netflix.

Review #2

Wait for Signs series Walt Longmire

This is a collection of twelve short stories told by Sheriff Walt Longmire of Absoroka County, Wyoming. Old Indian Trick is one we’ve seen before, an added bonus at the end of Johnson’s novel Sprit of Steamboat.
In Slick-Tongued Devil, a fellow shows up at Walt’s house with a very expensive bible and Martha’s name embossed on the cover. Martha, Walt’s wife, had passed away recently and Walt was pretty sure that Martha wouldn’t have ordered it. Walt recognizes what’s happening and deals with this bible salesman in a fair but businesslike manner.
One of the funniest stories is titled Messenger and features not only Walt but his deputy, Vic Moretti, and his pal Henry Standing Bear. They’d been called to a camping area by forest ranger Chuck Coon; a woman is being menaced by a bear. When they arrive, Henry lures the bear away from the outdoor toilet but they soon discover an owl trapped in the sinister area underneath the toilet seat. The story takes on mystical tones when Henry states that the owl is a messenger and must be rescued. Walt, Vic and Henry go into action and bring the owl out to safety.
In Ministerial Aid, Walt remarks that he’d had a fight with his daughter Cady and she went back to Seattle where she’s in law school. In the third story called Fire Bird Walt tells of getting a call from Cady who’s in Philadelphia. The latter case is more consistent with other stories and Johnson’s novels since Cady does complete law school, becomes a successful attorney, and eventually marries Vic’s brother, all taking place in Philadelphia. This is not a big deal but overall consistency of such a central character would seem to be important.

Review #3

Audiobook Wait for Signs by Craig Johnson

I’ve been waiting for Craig to write a sheep story for so long… With a significant local population of the finest shepherds in the world (the Basque), and Wyoming being home to many thousands of the nation’s sheep, I’ve been dismayed at how infrequently they’ve been mentioned. Everybody ALWAYS talks about cattle, but nobody ever talks about the sheep! And as a shepherd myself, it seriously bums me out. I have been holding out hope for a Longmire novel featuring the lovely and productive sheep and magnificent shepherds of Absaroka and surrounding counties; but hey – if I only get a short story, it’s better than nothing!

Review #4

Audio  Wait for Signs narrated by George Guidall

I own every book that Craig Johnson has written about Walt Longmire. Craig Johnson is a superb story teller, and he draws you into his stories very quickly, and keeps you there. This GREAT book of short stories “Wait for Signs” is glorious writing! It is not too often that I do not want to finish a book, but this book is one of those rare instances. The stories are so much fun to read, I found that I was wanting for more. I put myself on a diet of only reading one of these stories each day so that the book would last longer than it normally would. If you have never read anything from Craig Johnson (you are missing soooooooooo much!), I would recommend that you begin with this book of his short stories. Be ready to be totally hooked on Walt, Henry, Cady, Vic, Ruby, and a host of well developed characters, only as Craig Johnson can do it.

Review #5

Free audio Wait for Signs – in the audio player below

I am reading my way through Craige Johnsons books and have yet to find a bad one. This little book of short stories will make you laugh and sometimes cry. They are all Longmire tales but not all set in his town and some relate to longer novels. I highly reccomend this book. JR.

If you’re already a regular Johnson/Longmire reader you will be well aware of the characters and their interactions, foibles and passions.

These stories are concise but very good and provide a wider dimension to Walt (particularly) as a man not just a lawman. If you’re not already a regular Johnson/Longmire reader then my advice is to become one.

It is really strange, however, to hear Robert Taylor (Walt) speaking in his native Australian accent in the ‘extras’. He really does sound better in the American.

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