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Kate Reading and Michael Kramer start narrating the second part more efficiently as compared to the first part. The two narrators look more aware of the story in this part because of their experience in The Way of Kings. Kaladin in the story looks active again as he is not running for his life anymore.

Serving his master has been his prime goal since the beginning and now he has the chance as being a royal bodyguard it is he who controls the rest of the army to protect the king. Enemies are lurking on all sides who can kill the king in a single moment. Kaladin cannot rest for a single moment and there is news that Szeth is going to attempt one more time.

WORDS OF RADIANCE audiobook free

Szeth is one of a kind assassin who never misses a target and instead of the king, he is coming for prince Dalinar this time. After killing the next successor in the line he would be able to weaken the king even more. But Kaladin in the meanwhile has finally become successful to get hold of his unique powers and he is enhancing them too.

Shallan after losing Jasnah and many other things in life is not one hundred percent but he is seen still working o his hidden private agenda. Brandon Sanderson paves the path for Edgedancer i.e the next part of the series. Up till now, the story has been working on different levels, perhaps in the upcoming parts, the author will make the paths of these different characters to get merged into one. Chances are grim but it is the need to unite the story as a single whole.

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