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Hold on to Hope audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Hold on to Hope audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Hold on to Hope audiobook free

From the time we first met Hope Masterson and her adorable son Evan in Follow Me Back, I have held a very special place in my heart for the little boy who would become best friends with little Frankie Leigh who we met in Show Me the Way. I just knew that these two kids were going to have that magical, one of a kind friendship that would last a lifetime. And that was before my mind started traveling through the years and hoping and praying that they would grow into more than just best friends, that one day that friendship would evolve into a magical, one of a kind love. Amy has truly outdone herself in bringing the readers a very grown up Evan. Evan, who Frankie Leigh has been in love with all her life. The boy she thought she would share her future with, but who suddenly left town three years ago and shattered all her hopes and dreams. Now he\’s back, and her heart is once again caught up in a storm of feelings. Relief that he is okay, but at the same time devastated at the thought that her love was not enough to keep him grounded. I was a riot of emotions while reading this story. I loved how Amy gave us past chapters that compliment the events happening in the present. And slowly as each chapter rolls out, we get the story of why Evan left, what took place while he was gone, and what has brought him back home to Gingham Lakes. We get to see his parents, Hope and Kale, and all the characters we fell in love with in the Fight For Me series, along with the new additions who were born along the way. This story has a bit of a suspense element to it, events happening that are running parallel to the reason that Evan has come home seeking help from his family. Add to that a huge secret Frankie Leigh has been keeping that she needs to reveal to Evan. Yeah, this story has ALL THE FEELS and as much as some things broke my heart, I couldn\’t help but fall in love all over again with Evan and Frankie Leigh and the unshakeable love they have always shared. My heart is full and happy, and as much as I loved this book, I\’m hoping Amy will gift us with little snippets of Evan and Frankie Leigh in future stories, just to give us a little more of Unicorn Girl and Froggy Boy. Gah….I love these crazy kids!!


Review #2

Hold on to Hope audiobook streamming online

I was in love with this story. It was heartbreaking and tender, linking two souls, one with disabilities….he is profoundly deaf with a congenital heart defect that requires a transplant. Frankie Leigh is a sweet beautiful girl who sees Evan for who he is on the inside and not for what others see. Their story spans more than 15 years when they met as children, becoming best friends that turned to love when they became young adults. This story is beautifully written and captures the essence of what it means to have a disability. Evan is tortured by the fact that he thinks Frankie will miss out on a family since his disabilities are familial and he could pass it on to his children. She doesn\’t care….She loves him in spite of everything. I think one reason why this story touched me is because I taught children with disabilities for 32 years. I could see the author\’s thought process, and she was absolutely correct in how she framed this story. This book will draw in any reader who is looking for a different perspective on a classic love story. The love that these two feel is profound, and transcends beyond the hurt and pain. The author brings to the forefront hurtful things children and even adults say about those who are a little bit different. Because of the sensitivity Ms. Jackson displayed in writing this beautiful story, I have downloaded more of her work to read. This is a book I will not soon forget, and will look to read it again. Many thanks to the author for portraying disabilities so positively and so well.


Review #3

Audiobook Hold on to Hope by A.L. Jackson

Im having a hard time coming up with words for this review. How do you explain perfection? Since I met him in Follow Me Back, Evan Bryant has been my favorite AL Jackson character. I shed more tears over him than should be possible, and he buried himself into my heart. And now? Now that hes grown up and made mistakes and is trying to survive with all his issues and problems? Now I love him even more. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE! Frankie Leigh is all sunshine and sparkles, the girl a perfect match for a man like Evan. She loved him from the moment they met and my heart broke for her as her story came to light. Abandoned in her time of need, she never stopped loving Evan, and when he came back, she gave into the love in her heart. I loved these two together. Their stories. Their love for each other. I loved their families, the glimpses at the characters from the Fight for Me series, and every single thing about this book. Im pretty sure Evan and Frankie Leigh will forever be my favorites.


Review #4

Audio Hold on to Hope narrated by Andi Arndt Zachary Webber

Now and again you come across a story so beautifully written with good characters to get lost in. Definitely worth a look this one. A second chance romance with a little heartbreak. The question is knowing that in the end do you take a chance on love. Yeah, you don\’t just dip your tootsies in, you jump feet first. It\’s just lovely.


Review #5

Free audio Hold on to Hope – in the audio player below

Beautifully written of course, as she does all her books. Had to fight tears a couple of times. Can recommend it to everyone. A lot of love throughout it, and wonderful to get a look in the HEA of the previous book couples. Cherry on top of the series cake!


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