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Foundation is categorized as a classic fictional novel. It was written by Isaac Asimov. He was an American writer of popular science and science fiction as well. He also had a career as a professor of biochemistry subject at Boston University. He has written or edited more than 500 books in his lifetime. Foundation is an epic novel and could be categorized under hard science fiction. The book is part of the series with the same title as this novel, Foundation. Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation are his best books.

Scott Brick, the legendary narrator has given his voice to this novel. The performance turned out to be quite entertaining and enjoyable.

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The Galactic Empire has effortlessly ruled supreme for more than 12,000 years. But, it is dying now. But, the creator of psychohistory, Hari Sheldon can see into the future. It was a sight that extended to barbarism, dark age of ignorance and warfare. This is predicted to last for 30,000 years. Hari Sheldon summoned the best of the best minds in the Galactic Empire that includes scholars and scientists. He brought all of them to an unwelcoming planet right at the edge of the Galaxy. Their task was cutout to serve future generations as a beacon of hope. He called this sanctuary the Foundation.

The author started writing this series in the 1950s. The Foundation and all its chapters belong to that period. The book still feels so unique and refreshing. It is the unique selling point of this classic. The book is a must-read and it will take you to another world of fantasy.

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