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Transcendence audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Transcendence audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Transcendence audiobook free

Purposefully stringing out the growth of the main character. Interspersing the main plot with the prior life of the main character. Some good things are there such as using the past life experience and understanding of science to make his spells work better or unexpectedly. The main gripe I have is that the story is advancing very slowly.
You would think the MC would be much more powerful but the author has purposefully limited him to draw out the learning exercises.
Spoiler: The main opposition conveniently knows everything there is to know about the main character. While initially, the enemy was portrayed as evil and racist, this book moves us toward portraying the enemy as good guys trying to building up mage for everyone (on the evil side)… hence the 1 in 5 of the enemy are magic users while the good side it is 1 in 100.
Also conveniently, the deities (Asura) have been forced to withdraw from the good sides continent due to a new agreement with the head evil guy. While this could be setting up a moral dilemma for the MC, when the head bad guy offers a deal with him. It is more likely, the MC is going to be the only one that will be able to defeat his lieutenants. The biggest problem I have with the story line is how gullible the MC is when he has two lifetimes of experience. He freely accepts the horns as a method to increase his mana core yet does not suspect any evil. Then the head evil guy tells him to tell his dragon a spell to help his companion dragon. It is all very fishy and then the book ends. Can we have the MC a little more able to understand deception. The portrayal of the head bad guy as being good is hogwash. Uto was extremely evil. Any act of harm against another sapient individual is by definition evil. Why try to sugar coat it. The author is backtracking and ignoring past fights and motivation to try to create a moral quandary for the MC. I think he is attempting to show how selfish and greed the general populace is if offer a deal where they will not suffer the consequences of war. It is to especially effective when the main school is attacked and the children are murdered. It seems like the author is trying to explain what the good sides society is like when influenced by the evil sides manipulations. Originally, the goal of the evil side is to gain power and influence over the deities (asura) by experimenting on the lesser races to ignite them to all have magic/more powerful magic. We still dont know what happened to the MCs roommate but after the fight and kidnapping we can guess, the evil leader will use this newly awakened evil magic to augment their side. Because they still dont have enough advantages over the good side? /sigh
It will take TurtleMe a long time to finish this arc if he keeps dragging things out and trying to blur the line of good/evil.


Review #2

Transcendence audiobook streamming online

These books keep getting better and better. The story is filled with intense action, heart aching twist, and such deep emotional character development that leaves me wanting more. I couldn’t put this book down even if I wanted to. I’m already ready reading the next book online and it keeps getting me hooked into the series with each chapter that comes out. I highly recommend you go online and read the chapters that are already out plus the comic version of the series has really great artwork in it. So spread the love about this wonderful series and help keep it going!


Review #3

Audiobook Transcendence by TurtleMe

Having both the last book and this one be mostly a training montage is a mistake. The pacing is broken. The romance with Tessia has gone off the rails and become a distraction. Overall this was decent but not nearly as good as earlier books.


Review #4

Audio Transcendence narrated by Travis Baldree

I was racing through this series, enjoying it quite a bit, up until this one. Everything good is still there, for the most part, although I didn’t find the more frequent flashbacks to his previous life all that interesting.

I’d say spoiler alert for the following, but I think it’s honestly better to spoil this because it’s terrible, and if you expect it, it won’t bother you as much.
What really killed my enjoyment was the point when, in order to smoke out a possible traitor, our hero walks into a likely trap, where he has very minimal likelihood of surviving. He even ends up in the second best possible outcome, only one traitor and the herald, and still would have died if not for the plot twist, which I assume is the reason he had to jump into the trap face-first, but I’ve always hated plot-required idiocy.
Even worse is that it seems that everyone else went along with this clearly doomed plan, so the stupidity was catching.

I did buy book 7, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. Hopefully the bad taste left in my mouth will fade after a while and I’ll get back into it.


Review #5

Free audio Transcendence – in the audio player below

Like….. Yo it’s good. Read that shiz my doods. Author took it up a notch. Good prose, interesting characters, exelent story. Only bad thing I can say is that he has a tendancy to plop filler into the wrong spots. For instance the end of the book needs to take the reader by the neck and slam his face into the book over and over again. Like we know theres “more to come” lol. If im at 90% read I want to see shiz going down. End me rightly dude.


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