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A Cold-Blooded Business audiobook

Hi, are you looking for A Cold-Blooded Business audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

A Cold-Blooded Business audiobook free

Capturing the essence of cold – Dana Stabenow did that in this book.
Not just weather-wise, but also in terms of personality, and actions. This is beautiful, like a snowflake, or a drift that has not been broken.
She also captures the injuries that can be done to what should be perfection by the smallest of things – a change in the wind, a foot step, a piece of grass through the snow drift, constantly breaking the surface…
This book takes place in an almost pristine world, broken by the advent of humans exploiting the environment, and each other. The characters have good and bad sides, and none are perfect. That adds to the suspense, beautifully.

Review #2

A Cold-Blooded Business audiobook in series Kate Shugak Series

Oil companies are important to Alaska but the physical isolation makes the workers susceptible to vices, in this case, cocaine and large amounts of it. Kate is hired to go in as a roustabout to find out who is dealing drugs which has resulted in one death and several serious injuries. An interesting novel which also ties in theft of native artifacts. Kate has to fight for her life again in this one, very thrilling!

Review #3

Audiobook A Cold-Blooded Business by Dana Stabenow

I bought the first book of the series while on a cruise to Alaska. I like sampling local writers’ work. I thought the topic uniquely Alaskan, which is what I was looking for. A female author writing about a female character of native descent was also appealing to me. I think the character has already grown old to me by Book #4. The flawed detective that’s really good at their job and nothing else is a standard character in crime fiction. Kate is also, by the very nature of her birth, a spokesperson for her “people” and actually too self-sufficient to be a classic detective. She doesn’t need the help of her elders, although respectful of them, or the love of her man, who constantly sends her into harm’s way without backup. She has no addition accept grease and sugar based food, which apparently has no negative consequences on her stock but trim little body. I keep looking for a character in the book that I can really relate to and haven’t found one. I want too many things from this character. I want her man to show true concern for the woman he loves. I want Kate to struggle with her weight and to be quick with the “come-bask” lines. I want the side characters to be interesting enough to have their own series of books (these characters are a serious part of the Lead Character’s family and major arsenal). So the plots are fine, the settings authentic but the characters need to be more sympathetic and relate more with the average “Joe”, like me, with more humor and depth. This applies to Kate the most. I’ll give the series a rest for several months or a year then read Book #5 and see if I remember anyone I truly like.

Review #4

Audio A Cold-Blooded Business narrated by Marguerite Gavin

The oilfields of Alaska’s North Slope is the setting for the fourth installment in Dana Stabenow’s Kate Shugak series, A COLD-BLOODED BUSINESS. Kate is a native Aleut who is a private investigator and this time she takes on a job that takes her to the oilfields where life is lived under harsh conditions, with employees working in isolated conditions and a hard-partying lifestyle after hours is ignored by management.

Kate is asked to go undercover as an employee for Royal Petroleum to find out who is dealing drugs that have caused several overdoses and a death at RPetCo. Jack, the Anchorage DA, has asked Kate to take this job and for good pay, more money than Kate has seen in a long time. She agrees to take the job and goes to the North Slope of Prudhoe Bay as a driver taking dignitaries on PR tours. Kate finds out soon enough that this is not going to be an easy job. While she is there, there is an archeological dig going on and some Native American artifacts are found which Kate is very interested in and she gets caught up in the findings. This becomes a distraction to her as she goes about her investigation to find the drug dealer.

Review #5

Free audio A Cold-Blooded Business – in the audio player below

A very well planned plot with the characters to carry out the story line. The author has created a very strong and disciplined character in Aleut Kate Shugak with best friend Mutt, half husky and half wolf. Her ex-boss Jack Morgan asks Kate to investigate a murder and the sinister happenings going on at the oil pipe line near her home. On her own without her companion Mutt, Kate must discover what is going on before the weather puts a stop to her investigation. A great read and great and series. Am looking forward to the next installment. A very well written book with a very interesting group of characters. A great read.

Another excellent adventure for Ms Shugak – this time she is sent off to Royal Petroleum on the North Slope oilfields undercover to find out why a man died. Drugs, sex – all add to the surreal atmosphere (plus lots of food being cooked and then abandoned due to emergencies, made me hungry!!) Dana Stabenow never fails to do her Alaskan tourist guide bit or throw in a good chunk of history (some good, some bad) but it is a real treat to learn and enjoy a rip-roaring yarn at the same time!! This novel fairly races along and has some very intriguing characters and a Kate Shugak high on drugs and in mortal danger, is very comical and entertaining!!! Read and enjoy!

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