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A Fatal Thaw audiobook

Hi, are you looking for A Fatal Thaw audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

A Fatal Thaw audiobook free

Review #2

A Fatal Thaw audiobook in series Kate Shugak Series

There are mysteries and there are mysteries that stand above the rest. This book, the second in a series, and those that follow are first rate. Apart from the fact that the author writes well, she knows her subject. Like Martin Cruz Smith knows Russia, like Nevada Barr knows the National Park System, Dana Stabenow knows Alaska and her people. Her central character, Kate Shugak, is unique, facinating and believable. An Aleut women with a past, proven talent, issues with which to deal in her life and relationships, I would put her in the same league as Anna Pigeon, Arkady Renko, Joe Grey, and even Holmes. This is another of those series of which all I need to know is another book is available and I’ll buy it knowing I’ll be guaranteed of hours of adventure in reading. Like the other great series it is best enjoyed by reading them in order and I am most appreciative of the fact that the cover for each includes its number. I seriously suggest starting with the first, A Cold Day for Murder, and you can’t go wrong.

Review #3

Audiobook A Fatal Thaw by Dana Stabenow

I enjoy mystery series and also enjoy almost anything set in Alaska. When you have a murder mystery set in Alaska, I can guarantee you I will give it a try. I read the first one and enjoyed it quite a bit, but (as is often the case) trying to lay the foundation for the setting and characters means that most authors don’t hit a home run since there is too much ground to cover. Ms. Stabenow did a nice job with that first installment in drawing me in and setting the stage so that this second one was even better.

Heavy on character and location, this is more of a cross between cozy and traditional mystery. The characters are interesting and becoming well developed and the location plays a major role in the storyline. With that combination, it lends itself more toward the cozy mystery side but this is gritter and more graphic with a main character who has a police background — that lends itself more toward the traditional mystery.

Review #4

Audio A Fatal Thaw narrated by Marguerite Gavin

“A Fatal Thaw” is the 2nd book in the Kate Shugak series. The book starts out fast with a deranged killer shooting residents of the park at random. After the shooter is taken into custody and tests are run, it is discovered that one of the victims was shot from a different gun than what the shooter used. Kate Shugak reluctantly takes over the investigation. Kate knows the Park because she has lived there her whole life. People respect her and will talk to her.

Was glad to see the secondary characters back from the first book. Bobby Clark, the wheelchair bound Vietnam Vet, was featured in the book quite a bit. Jack, Jim, Bernie, Kate’s grandmother and Mutt also were back. Mutt probably shouldn’t be regarded as a secondary character but as a primary character. One can’t imagine Kate without Mutt by her side.

This book has different ceremonies that were different and interesting. Bobby holds the Fifth Annual Twentieth Anniversary of the Tet Offensive. Bernie hold a Middle Finger Ceremony and Kate’s grandmother organizes a potlatch. All the ceremonies are different and add color to the book.

Some strengths of the series so far is that Dana Stabenow besides being a good writer is a good story teller. The location is wonderful and different from other books. Kate is an individualist and one can not quite predict how she will react to a situation. Sometimes she surprised me even though I thought I knew her character.

Review #5

Free audio A Fatal Thaw – in the audio player below

The characters in the book are a delight, and I’m already a big lover of Mutt. And I enjoyed seeing how the town comes together. It’s a bunch of characters in a town with character. I also loved reading a book in the Alaskan Bush because it’s so quirky and different from other locales. All told, it reminded me a bit of the quirkiness found in the old TV show Northern Exposure. And it’s clear Dana knows her Alaska.

The story has good pacing as the mystery unfolds. My one complaint is the story holds back a little on who did it because it’s not clear who dunnit. Normally, that’s the mark of a good mystery…leaving you guessing to the end. In this case, I mean it as a mild criticism because all of a sudden you get to the end and the bad guy is revealed with an insider’s knowledge. I would rather see the clues unfold more. I found the same to be true of Book 2 in the series as well.

However, I can already see that will be a hallmark of the series. It’s not just about solving a mystery. It’s about sharing an adventure with a group of quirky, interesting characters. On that basis alone, the book is an enjoyable read. The mystery is just icing. I’ll be continuing with the series.

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