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A Fine and Bitter Snow audiobook

Hi, are you looking for A Fine and Bitter Snow audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

A Fine and Bitter Snow audiobook free

This is a rather slow moving tale that eventually picks up speed to include murder, attempted murder and the surprising unveiling of long ago romance and marriage secrets. Kate’s love/sex life, descriptive passages about residents, realtor’s type review of their homes and other frivolity take up space but have little bearing on the plot of the story.

This seems to be an anomaly or deviation from the suspense and thriller aspects that have been a page turning, must read from previous Kate Shugak novels. She just does not possess the adventurous, ambitious and domineering character traits of past history.

Political/environmentalist views of the author are rather transparent in this tale of the exploratory governmental plans to drill for oil in the Alaskan wildlife preserve where Kate lives. The long-time Park Ranger, Dan O’Brien. is about to be forced into early retirement because of his rather vocal negativity concerning the oil issue. Tag along with Kate as she sets out to save his career and hopefully block the efforts of the oil exploration. Top cop, Jim Chopin and Kate team up on more than solving crime. This reads like there might be some steamy scenarios coming up in future Kate reads!

Murder and attempted murder of two elderly women, who befriended Kate when she was a young girl, finally gives some suspense and mystery to the story. Kate decides to investigate for missed clues to what initially seems to be an open and shut murder case of the long-time female reclusive environmentalist. This lone ranger act puts her life in peril, but her new lover/sex partner comes to her rescue, after being somewhat forcefully summoned by Mutt. Mutt, is Kate’s half-dog/half-wolf, always present companion who protects her from whatever she needs protecting from. Mutt seems to consistently know the right thing to do and is loved….and/or respected by all the long-time Park residents. Her size (which seems unrealistically heavy/large) is enough to strike fear into anyone who might be a threat to Kate’s well-being. As usual, Mutt adds color, humor and warmth to any tale where Kate Shugak is heroine.

While, in my opinion, this is just a mediocre book in this series. It isn’t bad if you are not expecting more mystery, suspense and a thriller. If that is your expectation…..then you will be better off to look elsewhere.

Review #2

A Fine and Bitter Snow audiobook in series Kate Shugak Series

The great thing about any sort of series is that if you enjoyed a part of it, there is still more waiting. Dana Stabenow’s Kate Shugak series is one of those that from the first will have you wanting more. As always, I would encourage the reader to get the full list and start with the first, “A Cold Day for Murder.” I think you will be hooked from the first chapter and it isn’t just because Kate is an Aleut women living in Alaska with a half wolf named Mutt for a companion. Which brings me to another of the main characters – Alaska. I’ve spent more time on Google Earth, pouring over maps, and following the Iditarod than I ever expected to. Now, 60 years later, I’m rereading “Call of the Wild.”
Kate’s story and that of her life in an Alaska park where she is the perfect “crime solver” now covers 20 books and like her many other followers, I’m eagerly awaiting the next. If you are a mystery lover and many are starting to seem “old hat”, The Kate Shugak series will be the perfect fix.

Review #3

Audiobook A Fine and Bitter Snow by Dana Stabenow

This is one of Dana Stabenow’s best books in the Kate Shugak Mysteries series so far. It takes a little while for the book to really move, but it’s worth sticking with until the action starts.

As always, I love the scenery and wildlife that is always present in the Alaskan settings of this series. This time, Kate is drawn into an environmental difference of opinions when the administration oil wants to drill in a wildlive preserve and this doesn’t sit well with the community or with Kate. To top it all off, Kate’s friend and the chief park ranger is a little too green for some, so he is asked to take an early retirement. Kate tries to get support for her friend from the community around her. Two of the biggest supporters in favor of saving the wildlife preserve are two elderly women who have lived in a cabin off to itself and at the edge of a cliff for years. When one of them is found dead and the other hanging on to life, Kate goes into high gear to find the killer. As always, Kate has her much loved half-dog/half-wolf, Mutt, to help with her investigation. Mutt is a great character, too.

I really liked this book. The whole series is appealing to me because of the personality and growth of Kate and the native people who populate the area where she lives in Alaska. Dana Stabenow knows the area she writes about and that makes the descriptions of the settings authentic. As the series continues, new characters are introduced and the regulars evolve even more. I think Kate is my favorite mystery series protagonist.

Review #4

Audio A Fine and Bitter Snow narrated by Marguerite Gavin

The Kate Shugak novels are set in Alaska and bring alive the culture and lifestyle of its inhabitants by concentrating on Kate (an Aleut native) and her friends and family as she unravels crimes. Each novel deals with a local issue and there is plenty of background about the area together with evocative descriptions of the landscape. It is obvious that the author loves this part of the world and this shines through her writing.

In this installment Kate becomes involved in a crime which is connected to the proposal to drill for oil in the natural landscape. The author presents both sides of the argument but only uses this issue as a background to her story of murder and of Kate’s reawakening from the grief which has incapacitated her since the death of her lover.

Good writing, a well developed plot and great description.

Review #5

Free audio A Fine and Bitter Snow – in the audio player below

Any review I do on a Dana Stabenow book will always be favourable as I love the wit and humour in the stories as well as all of the descriptions of the Alaskan bush and the characters who are living there. The suspense of the story, the personal feelings of our heroine and Mutt all add up to a good read.

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