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A King’s Trade audiobook

Hi, are you looking for A King’s Trade audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

A King’s Trade audiobook free

This is my first Alan Lewrie book and so I started reading it with no real knowledge of the character and what he was about. I have to admit at first I was not sure if I would like this book or not. I could put Lewrie into a class of I didn’t like him or I did like him. The problem for me was I was comparing him to Aubrey, Hornblower, Hazard and Sharpe all fine British officers and Lewrie just didn’t seem to fit. But As I read more of the story I found out that Lewrie was not the prig I thought he was but a man, who bridled at having to conform to higher authority and the wishes of other. The major plot of this story was keeping Lewrie from standing trial for something he did in Jamaica. By the end of the book I was glad to welcome Lewrie into the company of Aubrey, Hornblower, Hazard and Sharpe as one of the likable rogues. The best part of the book was the sea battle at the end of the story. I won’t go into must detail but will say “lions, tigers and bears. Oh my!” The end was well worth the journey.

Review #2

A King’s Trade audiobook in series Alan Lewrie

Somebody has to do the routine assignments. This time it was Lewrie’s turn. His old deeds have come back to haunt him and, as a result, HM Navy must send Lewrie away for his own good to stay one step ahead of the law. His assignment is convoy duty, hated by everyone ever assigned such a mundane task. Of course Lambdin won’t allow a mundane task to get in the way of a good story so it gets exciting and many of the regulars in the last few books are significantly affected. As usual, there is a lot going on and it all either stems from Lewrie’s past or sets up his future. This is another good book in the series and I don’t think you’ll go wrong if you take the time to read it. I enjoyed the book and look forward to the next one.

Review #3

Audiobook A King’s Trade by Richard Stark

Lambdin’s hero is no Captain Jack Aubrey. Having said that, if you enjoyed O’Brian’s naval series, you might enjoy this series. Alan Lewrie’s experiences begin during the British and American fight for American Independence. Lewrie’s induction into the Royal Navy is nothing like Jack’s and although the two have a few things in common, Lewrie is a far more interesting character study, as he moves from a randy youngster towards a competent officer. The language is more salty, the action, ashore and at sea, is more descriptive than O’Brian. If you like age of sail novels, I think you will find this an interesting read.

Review #4

Audio A King’s Trade narrated by John Chancer

Dewey Lambdin’s hero is a brash and breezy version of Patrick O brien’s much stuffier and earnest Aubrey (Maturin is truly the more interesting). I suppose the difference is that Alan Lewrie is the product of an American author interpreting the era Aubrey and Lewrie share from his perspective. I Lambdin’s books refreshing and always gobble them up as soon as I encounter one I haven’t read, just as I did with O’Brien’s Aubrey series.

Review #5

Free audio A King’s Trade – in the audio player below

Alan Lewrie is a genuine naval hero, but he is no Horatio Hornblower. His career spans the period from before the American Revolution to after Napoleon’s demise. In this novel he is sweating possible prosecution for stealing several slaves to use to crew his frigate. The fighting scenes against French raiders hold your attention, and Lewrie’s seamanship is unparalleled, but he does not always win–which raises the believability of the series.

I am sure mr lambdin is an excellent writer and I usually love naval literature but I found it difficult to read any length of time as it just did not capture my interest or attention as well as the naval adventures in the Wilbur Smith series of books Birds of Prey, Blue Horizon etc which made me feel like I was living the experiences with each page. I still have not quite completed reading this book and I have had it for months.

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