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A Matter of Honor audiobook

Hi, are you looking for A Matter of Honor audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

A Matter of Honor audiobook free

I have enjoyed this series as a YA spacers vs pirates story. The was a bit of an awkward transition to a more “Men in Black” storyline. In doing so the plot twists went from improbable to implausible. I failed to understand the motivation and reasoning behind several series of action. In addition while our heroes have survived many certain death scenarios here (Spoiler alert) an enjoyable character dies off screen apparently solely to convince us that the bad guys are bad when any number of lesser characters could have fulfilled that same purpose without losing a character of interest. I read the next book in the series, with much the same opinion. I may return to these in a while they are enjoyable but i need a rest from them for now.


Review #2

A Matter of Honor audiobook in series Privateer Tales

I’m not a big fan of two or more story threads running at the same time either. First it was the Red Howitzs or whatever. Then we move to another area/solar systems and ta-da ANOTHER implacable enemy. Story moves on a little further and it’s an even bigger, more coldblooded bunch in a corporation that controls Fold-spacetravel with secrets to hide and a willingness to kill innocent people to keep the secret hidden.

Throw in a spoiled rotten teenage genius who’s family created the Fold-space engine and the fuel that makes it work. …

Then add an abandoned colony facing a blood-thirsty indigenous stoneage alien population….

It’s a good read, fast paced literary work worth your time & money.


Review #3

Audiobook A Matter of Honor by Jamie McFarlane

I’m going to admit first that unless you are Leo Tolstoy or of similar ilk you aren’t getting 5 stars, so 3 stars is not a bad review, but it is less than all the other books in this series.
Overall I give the series 4 stars with good action, likable characters and fairly clear cut good vs. bad. This book is a travesty compared to the rest. The entire book has twin running story lines and the POV with these stories changes frequently. The worst part is that one of the POV’s is from a cast of characters who have no introduction to us, have no point of reference to us and leaves us guessing why they are even there until near 60% through the book.
I found it distracting and honestly the worst written book from Jamie McFarlane. It leaves you waiting for resolution of the main storyline which is also unusual for this Author. All together I feel he needs to wrap this series up and move on to something new. He seems to be out of ideas and is just stretching our dollars out. I’ll read the next book only to find out what happens, but not likely anything more after that. All in all it was a disappointment after loving his previous books in this series, but still worth reading.


Review #4

Audio A Matter of Honor narrated by Mikael Naramore

Captain Liam Hoffen and crew are determined to rescue the survivors from Cape of Good Hope, a ship abandoned by the powerful Belirand Corporation. But even as they set this goal, theyre marked for death. Because now they know the secret that Belirand will kill to keep. Aiding their quest is the mysterious inventor, Phillipe Anino. While avoiding Belirands assassins, Liam and friends discover the issue is way bigger than theyd thought. It could blow a hole in everyones concept of the known universe. And Belirand is willing to guard this knowledge at the expense of Liam, his crew, and their families. Is he willing to risk all to save the forty-five crew members of Cape of Good Hope?

A Matter of Honor is another action-packed installment in the Privateer Tales. What makes you care are the characters who are noble at heart and take the moral high road. They are heroes you can cheer for until the final page is turned, and then you have to wait impatiently for the sequel.


Review #5

Free audio A Matter of Honor – in the audio player below

E.E. “Doc” Smith, Paul French (AKA Isaac Asimov), R.Heinlein and the rest of the Golden Age of Space Opera authors move over a bit. It is time to add another name to the list of greats… Jamie McFarlane has created an multiverse which may have farther reaching nuances than the Empire, and a corporation which would give Darth Vader a run as the most cruel entity in fiction. I would add that although I have the entire collection on Kindle – If any of my family need to get me a present for an upcoming holiday a boxed set of Print books would not be looked at unfavorably! 🙂

I think this author is going to go far and I hope one day to be able to meet Mr. Mcfarlane and thank him for his imagination and the enjoyment he has given me


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