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Alina could have stopped the whole development around her but she was more interested in her personal life. A life with Mal was all that she cared about in Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm but now things have gone out of hands. The human capital has finally lost the battle and the Darkling is now in power. It is not the humans that are ruling the land anymore rather a sinister force is dominating everything.


The time is not very far away when the human race will go extinct if things go on like this for some time. Leigh Bardugo is trilogy creates a situation in which Alina cannot hide from her destiny anymore. Being the Sun Summoner Alina must gather a group of heroes that can stand against the rising force of the enemy. However, heroes are hard to find in such a catastrophic situation so Alina finds misfits like her for the job and if they fail in performing their duty then there will no chance for the second attempt


. Deep in the dungeons, Alina finds hope in the form of allies and a prince who has been hiding from the world above. It is the firebird that she has to claim now if she wants to create a chance for her in war. In the process of doing so, she can also lose her life but there is no other way left because of her sluggish efforts in the past. Lauren Fortgang has given the voice of a hero to Alina because she has finally emerged in her true form in front of the enemy. Thus the days of hiding in the dark are gone.

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