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An Onshore Storm audiobook

Hi, are you looking for An Onshore Storm audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

An Onshore Storm audiobook free

Frankly not a great entry in the series. A lot of the personal events for Captain Lewrie happen off camera in this novel. You might assume we “missed them” because Mr. Lambdin had so much action packed into this novel, and had to was forced to leave cut those elements from the final draft. Unfortunately not so. Aside from a few short moments, that don’t actually involve Captain Lewrie personally, most to the novel involves a great deal of waiting (or sailing) around, waiting for events to happen. And perhaps Mr. Lambdin was trying to reflect the personal boredom and distance from action that his Captain was enduring, in the tone of his novel, but this experiment doesn’t make for a great read. In addition, there is a vaguely antagonistic character that seems vaguely schizophrenic in his attitude and reactions to Lewrie’s command. Obviously he is being set up for future installments, but he rings a little inconsistent to me.

Review #2

An Onshore Storm audiobook in series Parker

“An Onshore Storm”, more than most of the Captain Lewrie stories, felt like an episode in a continuing saga. It stands alone well enough, but there is a great deal of reference to previous actions and a clear signal of what will probably follow.

In this episode, Lewrie is continues to be involved in a grand experiment in amphibious warfare that the British Admiralty has nervously embarked on in the middle of the Napoleonic Wars. Lewrie is making up the rules as the action proceeds and therefore is at some risk if anything goes seriously awry. While interesting and full of the usual fascinating details of 19th Century warship life, weaponry and political history, there is no ship-to-ship battling included this time round. The French navy, the titular enemy for Lewrie and his colleagues, is bottled up in ports along the Mediterranean littoral. The reader is consequently deprived of some of the best action writing available on 19th Century naval warfare. A pity, as author Dewey Lambdin, can really get your pulse racing when he throws Lewrie into those situations.

On the other hand, there is a whale of land battle that serves as a conclusion for “An Onshore…”, and will provide some consolation to ardent navy fans.

All in all, a good read and one that moves Captain Lewrie’s life and career forward a modest notch or two, with the implied promise of bigger things to come.

Review #3

Audiobook An Onshore Storm by Richard Stark

I am a Lambdin/Lewrie fan. As a fan, I never synopsize so you’ll discover the great stories for yourself. I recommend reading this installment in the series. An Onshore Storm is a worthwhile read. I’ve always considered Dewey Lambdin a fine author with a knack for telling a good story with three dimensional characters whose lives we are getting a peek into for a short span with each book. The Alan Lewrie stories are a great diversion and entertaining as I think you’ll find this story. Another fine feature of Lambdin’s historical novels is his grasp of the military attitude, the correct historical context, amazing nautical knowledge of sailing ships and his ability to create believable characters from the Napoleonic era. I’ve also found that Lambdin gets historical detail accurate as well so I was surprised with a variation on that theme to see references to ciabatta bread, pinot grigio wine (as it’s called now), and spook (spy) when all of these are fairly recent, fairly modern things or meanings. Not sure what happened there. All in all though, it’s a solid story. It’s hard to tell where Lewrie’s story is heading next but there are new adversaries being planted to knock Lewrie off his stride, or make him more focused, probably for some time to come. It’s been a while since he had a continuing adversarial presence in the books so that’s a good development for making the stories more interesting. I recommend the book and as always, if this is the first book in the series you’ve found, there are 23 others. I highly recommend you start with book 1 and keep reading. You’ll be happy you did.

Review #4

Audio An Onshore Storm narrated by John Chancer

OK, Lewrie is aging a bit. He’s not the young action figure anymore. He really does very little of note in this novel. The younger men participate in the raids. He doesn’t even have any amorous adventures aside from one good lusting from afar. I like the characters. The story was good about the raids on the Italian coast, but you want Lewrie to be involved in something of greater consequence. The new viper in his midst is interesting as is the idea that many powerful men want to bring him down. I like the writing, but it just seems a little less than I have come to expect from this excellent series.

Review #5

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The Lewri series are a little different to the normal historical sailing ship stories and well worth the read. Once hooked, you will need to read the series. Lewri always seems to get into some scrape or other, either on land or at sea, whether with the Navy, his love life or dare I say…… his wife! A good read of the sailing ships and Navy of Nelson’s time.

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