As the Crow Flies

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As the Crow Flies audiobook

Hi, are you looking for As the Crow Flies audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

As the Crow Flies audiobook free

Walt Longmire is not just tough physically but in this book he endures extraordinary mental stress dealing with difficult people, and a life and death situation where most would wilt. A beautiful but angry female Indian Sheriff tests Walt’s tolerance for poor police behavior and mistake prone techniques while helping her investigate a murder. Key suspects are killed until finally the killer is cornered in an abandoned building that is filling with explosive gas. With breathing difficult and no escape possible, Walt faces the killer who has a lighter in his hand. The author once again entertains us with a classic story full of humor and terror!

Review #2

As the Crow Flies series Walt Longmire

This Longmire took place over only ages pressure filled days . With his daughter’s weddings few days, Walt is pulled into a murder investigation on the Reservation. Lots of twists and lots of pressure. I couldn’t put it down.

Review #3

Audiobook As the Crow Flies by Craig Johnson

Sheriff Walt Longmire is back – in a supporting role. Lolo Long has returned from service in Iraq with a story and the new job of Chief law enforcement for the reservation.

While scouting locations for his daughter’s wedding, Walt and Henry Standing Bear witness the death of a young woman when she falls from a cliff. Her young son is found nearby, unhurt. Immediately the question becomes did she kill herself or was she pushed?

Chief Long asks for his help investigating the crime and keeping jurisdiction from the FBI. Longmire relents and is soon mentoring Lolo Long and her suspect ability to do her job.

Johnson’s prose is the perfect backdrop for the story – he paints a picture of life on the reservation and the beauty of the landscape that makes you stop and admire his ability. The story is driven by clues and detective work rather than gun blazing action.

Review #4

Audio  As the Crow Flies narrated by George Guidall

I am in love with this novel. I’m savoring it like a fine glass of wine, and simply sipping slowly while afraid to breathe because the pages may run out all too soon! Ever since A&E had the depth, foresight, and desire to bring this wonderful series into our homes, I have had a new interest in watching television.

Robert Taylor has given us a fleshed-out character of Sheriff Walt Longmire, and he is incredibly perfect perfect. Thanks to the producers for having such great taste, and most especially to Robert Taylor for showing up at the audition.

As the Crow Flies, is well-written and flows like clear pristine water in a brook. The humor is delightful. The dialogue is fresh and so wonderful between Walt and The Bear. You can feel the “tiredness, smell the Rainier beer, sweat, and sleepiness”. Thank you Craig Johnson and Robert Taylor, long may you live, and long live “Longmire”!!!

Review #5

Free audio As the Crow Flies – in the audio player below

I leave few reviews, reserving them for truly great books. Craig Johnson, in my opinion, has not just written a good series of books, he’s created a compelling world filled with realistic characters and descriptions of scenery that hit just the right notes while straddling the razor’s edge between too much and not enough.

I love the depth of character we see in Walt, a man willing to go above and beyond in the search for answers, professionally and personally. I love his flawed, imperfect life. He’s not uber-cop. I wish we’d seen more of Vic in this one. Would have loved to see her butt heads with Lolo Long.

If you’re not a Craig Johnson fan, you are missing a body of work that is both entertaining and educational. The interspersing of native American culture is very well done although now always politically correct. Johnson spins a tale as if you were sitting around a campfire and he was telling stories. It’s engaging, touching, exciting and humorous all at the same time. The only downside is that his work only seems to be published in trade paperback style (or Kindle) and tends to be rather expensive for a softbound book but to me, it’s money well spent. One of the few authors where I like to go back in a couple of years and read his work again.

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