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Beautiful Resistance audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Beautiful Resistance audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Beautiful Resistance audiobook free

Almost 2 years ago my best friend introduced me to Jon Tysons Controversial Jesus series via podcast. This began a journey that literally changed my life. As a long time follower of Jesus, I had been living my life with a complacent faith that acknowledged Jesus as Lord but never fully surrendered my time and energy to Him. As I began to listen to Jon speak about the power of the Holy Spirit it gave me a desire to know Jesus in a deeper way. I wanted to experience the fullness of Christ and impact the kingdom! I wanted to be known by Jesus, to partner with Him and stop standing on the sidelines of my own life. I went all in and Jesus transformed my marriage, my family and is now transforming our community through a prayer gathering that has started in our home. Our community has been contending for revival and awakening and it all started when I began listening to this charismatic guy from Australia 🙂 Fast forward several months and I hear about JTs new book Beautiful Resistance. I ordered it as soon as I could and devoured it! Ive already shared it with my pastor and several other Jesus people. Were hoping to use it this fall for our community group. It is life changing! There are so many incredible gospel concepts that Ive never even heard of! I loved it and plan to read it again as soon as my husband finishes it. I would also recommend Kingdom Values by JT. Its a very applicable read! THANK YOU Jon Tyson for your obedience to our King!! Your obedience has started a movement across this country and Im marching along side you. You and your family have my daily prayers!


Review #2

Beautiful Resistance audiobook streamming online

A wonderful and stirring call to living Christ like in our world today. Tyson brings you along in an important Journey thinking through how Christians are to live in resistance to the prevailing winds of our culture. This book is a helpful guide and should be used by the body of Christ to encourage one another to living for the king and the


Review #3

Audiobook Beautiful Resistance by Jon Tyson

Jon Tyson has a great talent for presenting the Bible and practicing the way of living as God calls us to in an accessible and inspiring way. His framework for this book is to look at a celebrated way of modern culture and compare that to a concept that has been often overlooked and undervalued in modern American Christianity. Living out the practices called out in this book is going to further align the reader with Christianity as described biblically. With most books, these concepts would be dumped on the reader and then theyd be left to figure out how to apply it, but this book comes with a 50-page study guide inside. Working through this guide on your own or, even better, with others, will help you put infuse these ideas into your daily living. This book paints a picture of what transformed living looks like. I long to see readers of this book inspired to change and then become agents of change in their own communities.


Review #4

Audio Beautiful Resistance narrated by Jon Tyson Sean Pratt

This book is written with such compassion toward the world we are living in right now. Jon has a way of putting words and research behind the troubling truths that the world is presenting to people of faith–then giving practical ways to draw closer to God and bring His love and peace back to a world that every day seems to need it more. This book is challenging in the best way possible–resonating with the many needs in our world but providing steps to bring meaningful change. Beautiful Resistance is also the most timely book I\’ve ever read. In an interview I heard that it was written a year ago and yet it speaks to all the issues 2020 has thrown at us thus far. This is the first review I\’ve ever written and I tend to be super picky about books so on the flip side I rarely recommend them without a caveat–but this book is a gem and one I am comfortable putting my full endorsement behind!


Review #5

Free audio Beautiful Resistance – in the audio player below

Beautiful book!! I cannot express enough how much I loved this book. We actually chose this book for the December selection of our Apologetics Book Club. This was the very first time we have ever had a book resonate with every single person in the group. Everyone there said they felt like they had come out of reading the book different than when they started it. One of the members said that as they were reading it, they kept asking themselves who had the nerve to choose this book for our group because of the impact it was having on her as she read it. We are going to revisit the book in the summer and go through the book again with the study guide.


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