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Corsair audiobook – Audience Reviews

Hi, are you looking for Corsair audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it, thanks.


Review #1

Corsair audiobook free

Typical Cussler novel; The incredible ship, Oregon, must save the TRIPOLI ACCORDS. A peace treaty between the U.S. , Europe and the Muslims. The OREGON saves the U.S. Secretary of state, Fiona Katamora, the driving force behind the peace process.
As expected, much action, adventure by the members of the OREGON. First they battle radical Muslim’s against the peace process, save many prisoners and of course protect and save that Secretary of state. The final conclusion of saving the Secretary of state is only performed by the hero, Juan Cabrillo, because his team is prevented from aiding him by a firefight. I did not like the fact that is only 1 person who actually saves the Secretary of state, when the odds are a full complement of sailors on a ship against 1 man.
As always, Cussler stretches the truth, but does it in a way which allows the possibility that such monumental event could occur in the present time. A very good Cussler novel, worth reading, if a fan of the Cussler genre.


Review #2

Corsair audiobook in series Oregon Files

Clive Cussler and Jack du Bruls Corsair deals with deceased dictator Quadaffis Libya and the dangers of dealing with the Middle East. The plot also ties in the early American historical event dealing with the Barbary pirates which makes it even more appealing. Every book I read in the Oregon Files (Corsair is #6) informs me and entertains me, so I recommend the series wholeheartedly.


Review #3

Audiobook Corsair by Clive Cussler Craig Dirgo

The Oregon Files is one of my favorite Clive Cussler series (along with Isaac Bell and the Fargos), and “Corsair” maintains the fast-paced adventure found in all of Cussler’s novels.

200 years ago, the Barbary Pirates ruled the high seas, pillaging ships and capturing their crews. One such pirate was named Sulieman Al-Jama. In a duel with an American ship, Al-Jama’s is severely damaged. An American, Henry Lafayette, boarded Al-Jama’s ship and grappled with him. The two fall into the water, and Lafayette manages to pull Al-Jama to safety. For two years, the men lived together. In this time, Al-Jama and Lafayette agreed that Christians and Muslims could live together without fighting. Al-Jama wrote his beliefs down and stored them away.

Fast-forward 200 years. A major peace conference is about to take place in Tripoli, Libya. Leading the conference is American Secretary of State Fiona Katamoro. On her way to the conference, her plane crashes with no trace of her. Distrusting the Libyans, the CIA hires Juan Cabrillo and the members of his Corporation to search for her. They manage to find the wreckage of the plane, but the Secretary has vanished. This sets in motion a chain reaction of events, including the discovery of a Muslim terrorist who goes by the name of Sulieman Al-Jama, just like the pirate from 200 years earlier. Corrupt terrorists have also infiltrated Qaddafi’s government, hoping to stop the peace conference. Cabrillo and the Corporation face their toughest challenge yet, and the Secretary of State’s life depends on them.

I’ve become a big fan of the “Oregon Files” series. Each book is loaded with action, and the characters are well-developed. The stories almost always are influenced by current world-wide events and it’s fun trying to guess how Cabrillo and his team will succeed with their mission.

I recommend “Corsair” very highly. The story is full of plot twists, and just when you think you have the bad guy figured out, Cussler will throw the reader a curve ball. Adventure readers will really enjoy “Corsair”.


Review #4

Audio Corsair narrated by J. Charles

During the days of the Barbary pirates, a brave soldier was washed overboard with the pirate leader Suleiman al Jama, who hated all Christians. The soldier saved the pirate’s life, and they wound up not only living in peace, but becoming great friends. After the experience, Al Jama, who was also a Muslim religious leader, wrote about how Christians and Muslims could live together in harmony, but his writings were lost over time.

In the present day, there is a new pirate terrorizing the seas, also calling himself Suleiman al Jama, and he’s got big plans that will do anything but make peace. His people kidnap the Secretary of State of the United States, and al Jama plots to destroy a peace conference slated to occur in Libya. It’s just his bad luck that he’s in the sights of Juan Cabrillo. Juan is captain of the Oregon, a state-of-the-art research and warship that is often for hire to the government of the United States when there’s a job that’s just too delicate or tricky to be handled by ordinary means. Cabrillo and company not only unravel al Jama’s plans to murder the Secretary of State and plunge the world into warfare, they also manage to solve an old mystery and restore political balance in Libya.

I read a lot of action thrillers, but I still can’t quite put my finger on why Clive Cussler novels are so much better than everything else. They just are. The action is nonstop as our heroes dodge bullets, fire rockets, and solve ancient mysteries, yet they are not constantly on the run. They take the time to stop and think things through, and while not invincible, they do fight their battles from a position of power. Any book with Cussler on the cover is a guaranteed good read, and these days, the Oregon Files are the best action books on the shelves.


Review #5

Free audio Corsair – in the audio player below

Once again Cussler is joined here y Jack Du Brul – something I’ve come to take as a good sign as it usually means I’m in for an inventive and dangerous-feeling plot. This is no exception, as it opens with a vicious modern-day pirate battle and then segues neatly into a hunt for a missing US official after a plane crash, by way of a great deal of infiltration, spywork and derring-do.
The full crew of the Oregon’s main characters get some serious page time, and it’s nice to see them fleshed out, always in a way that advances the story or makes you care more about them.
The story itself is pacy and enjoyable with some unexpected turns, and two standout twist moments.
In a market where some authors seem to be diminishing in skill the later they get into their careers, its nice to see Cussler’s collaborations are still resulting in hugely entertaining tales. Here’s hoping they stay this good. You can count on this one for pure escapism fun.


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