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Craved by the Dragon audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Craved by the Dragon audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Craved by the Dragon audiobook free

Craved by the Dragon is number 11 in the Stonefire series (and its spin-off, Lochguard, is on number 5 now), I have read all of them and I am a massive fan. Craved by the Dragon was no different, I loved it. But I must confess it was my least favorite so far. There was just too much going on.
I love when the books have plenty of interaction with past characters and my heart sang with joy at all the moments Tristan and Evie graced the pages with their appearance, it was wonderful to see them again. Bram too. But there were way too many new characters and side stories, it took the focus away from Killian and Brenna. Without going back into the book or doing too much thinking I can come up with 3 new couples and 2 new side characters that were mentioned a few too many times. Sadly, all that side ‘action’ not just took the focus away but also made the story drag for me. I wanted more of the main characters and ended up getting annoyed every time it side-tracked.
All that being said, I love Jessie Donovan’s dragon shifter stories and I did enjoy Killian and Brenna’s story too. Killian’s before and after memory loss personalities got brilliantly depicted by his inner dragon and since what happens to him is an entire new concept I didn’t know what was going to happen to him and found myself guessing till the end, which is always a fan thing with books. On series this long predictability cab be an issue and Jessie Donovan managed to beautifully avoid that.
If you are a supernatural romance fan I would certainly recommend starting this series, and even though this was my least favorite in the series it still is a solid 3.75/5.

Review #2

Craved by the Dragon series Stonefire Dragons

One of my favorite books by this author so far. So much more information on inner dragons and old characters along with new ones. Also love how there is more than one romance/story going on with different characters. Jessie Donovan’s books are more than just romance and sex. There is a plot unlike the other romance books that are just about the physical aspects and that’s it. Her books are much more than that and each book doesn’t wrap up in the end. They continue into the next one. I’m not giving away anything from this book. Go read it yourself. If you are a first time reader of hers looking to check out her books this is her dragon shifter reading order, Stonefire and Lochguard (yes she has two dragon series that do go together, crossover a lot and are not stand alone):

Review #3

Audiobook Craved by the Dragon by Jessie Donovan

The continuing story of Killian O’Shea and Brenna Rossi set in Ireland. Following the leadership challenge to Teagan O’Shea, one of the few female leader’s, when her brother Killian is found to be missing. Once located, he admits that he no longer feels his dragon. Some time later after trying various suggestions, a kiss from a fated mate has an unfortunate side effect, the appearance of young blue and white dragon in his mind. Talking to “Blue” it says it afraid of a Shadow Dragon. Blackouts are triggered and Killian falls unconscious.

Experience from Kai’s younger sister, drugged by dragon hunters, make those treating him realise that something similar must have been given to Killian. Add an old flame of Caitlyn O’Shea, family troubles for Brenna and the appearance of a young human woman, unconscious and carrying a computer storage device. With twists and turns, some laughs and a little sadness. Highly recommended.

Review #4

Audio Craved by the Dragon narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies

I have been an ARC customer of Jessie’s for a few years now, even though I receive the free book in advance, once it is released to the public, I do purchase the Kindle book. I have done the same with this one, it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the book
I could not imagine what it would be like to have another voice inside my head, and then also to shift into a dragon. Yet, again, Jessie has outdone herself by adding some twists and turns in this dragon shifter story. I won’t spoil it, but to say it is a great read!!!
I highly recommend her books!!! Thank you for writing such great books!!!!

Review #5

Free audio Craved by the Dragon – in the audio player below

I have loved all the Stonefire stories but this one had a brilliant edge to it. Hopefully at some point the author will explain why the tattoos are lasered off as this has not been addressed. Looking forward to the next book, just carrying on with the rest of the Scottish ones for now.

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