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Deadly Edge audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Deadly Edge audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Deadly Edge audiobook free

Heisting a Rock Concert seemed like an original score for Parker. Loud music masking the break-in (from the roof). Stoned hippies and fans… no problem. Lax security. Should be a cakewalk, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. After Parker and his crew pull off the job, members of the heist crew start getting picked off and that’s where Deadly Edge takes a turn for the worse.

There seems to be an absence of law, and the authorities never get involved in the crime as the victims get even with the perpetrators. Criminals take matters into their own hands. Rip off the wrong people and you find yourself in Parker’s dark world of revenge. Parker has no time to “play house” with Claire, his woman, but he will need to make time to save her life in the end.

I found “Deadly Edge” to be suspenseful, and the two killers pursuing Parker’s heist crew (Jessup and Manny), were Charlie Manson-style sadistic killers. The structure is broken into 4 Parts. Good dialogue without much small talk or joking around. The novel plays cat and mouse with the reader, is unpredictable, and still offers a fresh take on the heist genre, even though it was written back in 1971.

Bottom line: When it comes to mastering the heist novel or genre, Richard Stark, aka Donald E. Westlake, is the undisputed king. The first Parker book I ever read was “Nobody Runs Forever” and that stuck with me, so I promised myself that someday I was going to read the whole Parker series, which I’m doing now.
The Parker series is worth getting hooked on.

I also liked Charles Ardai’s Foreword, and he has done a great job with Hard Case Crime books. My only minor complaint is a design issue. Big indents.

Review #2

Deadly Edge audiobook in series Parker

This is a standard review for the University of Chicago published Parker series by Richard Stark. Overall the quality of the stories is very high. They are tightly plotted with dialogue fitted to the voices of the different characters. The descriptions of places and objects are brief but clear and connected to the characters’ perceptions.

Now the negatives: These stories average about $9.99, and I expect that some editing must have been done to warrant so high a price for what are rather short novels. There are egregious editing errors in every book in the series, some with only a few, most noticeably the first four books in the series. The rest have over a dozen spelling and grammar errors that were no doubt due to the OCR scanning process on the original books/manuscripts. The software just can’t identify certain words and doesn’t always fix hyphenated words back to whole words. Having the choice all over again, I would look for the paper backs and read those. The books just aren’t worth the $9.99 average price.

Review #3

Audiobook Deadly Edge by Richard Stark

I’m not the first Stark fan to say this book is a failure; it does not merit the five stars others have given it. Consider: The first fifty pages describe Parker and his team chopping through the roof of a soon-to-be-abandoned concert arena. Chop by axe-chop, through the tar paper, through the wood, etc. – too much irrelevant detail makes for a boring start. Stark skips the heist-planning common to his other books, a device that serves to alert the reader as to what can go wrong. Surprisingly, this job goes smoothly, but then two killers come out of nowhere and start picking off the heist gang. Their back story is so minimal it’s almost as if two of Jasper Fforde’s characters wandered in from another book. Parker makes a stupid mistake by not shooting one of them when he has the chance. Why? At this point it’s not about the money, the killers have already murdered and tortured three of the gang. Then, beyond reason, Claire obstinately refuses to vacate her house after Parker’s repeated warnings to get out before the killers appear. Speaking of repeats, there is a conversation between Claire and Parker that is repeated forty pages later. This is obviously an editorial error, not a literary device. This book reminds us that Westlake was producing three Stark books a year in addition to his other novels. This one feels like it was rushed into publication.

Review #4

Audio Deadly Edge narrated by John Chancer

Donald E. Westlake is beloved for the Dortmunder series of comic caper novels. This is the flipside; the dark world of the professional thief and practicing sociopath, Parker.

Parker doesn’t enjoy killing. But only because it makes the trail he leaves red hot and dangerous. Parker does enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done; the looted armored truck, the empty bank, the purloined art object.

If Westlake did not invent the hardboiled crime novel, he certainly perfected it. He serves up elegant turns of phrase and plots as trim and muscled as Jack LaLanne, while also creating indelible, scary-as-all-heck characters with backstories and personalities which enhance the experience without getting in their way.

I’ve read almost all the Parker novels; I am saving a few like the last cake at the feast, because they have been difficult to get a hold of lately. This series of ebooks are a real bargain, in so many ways.

If you have not yet discovered Parker; I envy you the experience of plunging into his adrenaline soaked world. This one is a kind of linchpin, plumbing Parker’s emotions while painting a deadly duo in opposition to him, and can serve as a great introduction.

Review #5

Free audio Deadly Edge – in the audio player below

Donald Westlake, writing as Richard Stark, pens the Parker books, about a professional thief. Parker is rational – he doesn’t kill unless necessary to protect himself, he agrees to robberies when he can plan the caper himself, and once he has decided on vengeance, he gets vengeance no matter how long it takes. The books should be read in order. The character does grow, and the plots of earlier books are referenced in later books. Westlake is a wonderful writer; his characters are varied and interesting. If you like Parker, try the Dortmunder novels for a change of pace.

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