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Down the Chimneyaudiobook

Hi, are you looking for Down the Chimney audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Down the Chimney audiobook free

This is a Christmas story involving Sam, the Iblis, her angel friends, her adopted baby angel Lux, demons, humans and a special toy.
Lux has asked for a special gift, for his Christmas gift. Sam, being the loving and caring adoptive mom, wants nothing more then finding, buying, wrapping and giving this special gift to Lux, on Christmas morning.
But, like most parents learn, what you wish for, especially special toys at Christmas time, can be a trying experience.
So, you can only imagine how difficult it became for Sam to try and secure this special toy. And, like most determined parents, Sam went to all the toy stores, department stores etc, but very few of these special toys were available.
Sam earned “the good mother” award for trying. As Christmas Eve approached, Sam had no luck and so with a heavy heart, she explained to her little angel not all wishes come true.
Christmas Day arrives and Sam has invited close to 30 people, demons, humans and angels for Christmas dinner. Everyone brought side dishes or desserts. One very special angel had been invited, but he never showed up to eat or visit.
I must say, I believe the author, Debra Dunbar, has a deep hatred for the vegetable “Kale”! And, it spills over for “Fruitcakes” too. 🙂
This was a hilarious and heartwarming story. Sam’s language can be hair curling, at times, but her love obsession, with Archangel Michael (and he with her) has no limits.
The story has a wonderful and surprising ending, which I’m sure most will enjoy. Another wonderful addition to the Imp Series?

Review #2

Down the Chimney audiobook in series Imp Series

Sam is a bad mom, physically. Emotionally she’s usually where she needs to be. Morally…… well that’s what Gregory is there for.
Her little bundle of terror is dead set on this Godzilla action figure that makes special sound effects. And like all popular toys, it’s sold out and people are trying to kill each other for it.
She pays $3000 on an auction and gets a stick tapped together with some other crap. Total failure.
She spends countless hours waiting in line for Black Friday. Bust.
She waits in line for an after speacial with a limited number of 10.
She makes friends with a nice grandma. Makes enemies with a horrible man who simply goes to these things so he can buy it and sell to the highest bidder later. Gregory has no idea why she’s waiting. And his presents are all concepts, not even a lousy pair of socks.
Said guy punches a woman and runs off so he can steal her toy. Sam takes offense to that. She beats him up, takes the toy….. and still goes home empty handed.
She failed. Nyalla knows she failed. Both are disappointed.
And there comes Uncle Samiel to the rescue. How did he get it?!?! He left the gifts and no one saw hide nor hair of him the entire time.

Sam’s completely stressing about making it perfect. Clearly Nyalla got her guilt trip claws in. She needs an 80 pound turkey, decorations and everything a typical human would use for a aesthetically perfect Christmas, if they care only about image. After the toy incident, Sam quit and did Christmas the demon way. Kind of surprised she didn’t shoved octopus tentacles in the turkeys butt.

Review #3

Audiobook Down the Chimney by Debra Dunbar

I loved everything about this unexpected bonus novella. Sam is a much better role model than she gives herself credit for. Lux will, for sure, become an angel of Order trailblazer because of her. As to who left the poison ivy leaves in the kale salad and laxatives in the Christmas cake… I’ll leave that for you to discover on your own. As for me, I found it oddly heartwarming and sweet. Ho ho ho!

Review #4

Audio Down the Chimney narrated by Angela Rysk

You’ll need a wicked sense of humor to like this one!

Debra Dunbar has outdone herself writing a seasonal tale about Samantha Martin, The Iblis, Angel of Chaos, Imp Demon and new adoptive mom to Luxe, an unpredictable baby Angel of Order in Down the Chimney: an Imp Series Novella.

I suppose reading the previous books in the series would help grasping the concept of why Sam is so devilish, but I think it still might be fun for a new reader to discover the world with Angels of Order and Chaos in The Imp World novels.

Imagine learning to be yourself as a parent from Satan’s point of view. With appearances from the other Angelic Ruling Council members who are almost like the Archangels we knew of from Sunday school with a sacrilegious and human twist.

Review #5

Free audio Down the Chimney – in the audio player below

Sam, the Ha-Satan, plans a Christmas celebration for her adopted Angel son, and, since she’s a demon, it’s like no other Christmas. She tries to nab a Godzilla toy that her son wants, using her wicked devil tricks to get it, which is hilarious . Her housemate Nyalle invites so many human, angel, and demon guests for Christmas dinner that Sam has to order a 60 pound Turkey for roasting . As the Angel of Chaos, Sam has to dress up as Santa and ride her half demon horse in a Christmas parade which leads to utter chaos since the horse is frightened of santas, banners, and nearly everything else involved in the parade. This is a very funny holiday novella

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